It's Official: These Are the Best Conditioners for Fine Hair

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If you have fine hair, conditioners—especially those that promise to hydrate strands—can have a tendency to weigh hair down, leaving it flat and limp. Instead of piling on the product to revive lifeless strands after the fact, give your hair a head start when you wash, infusing it with volume and body while you condition.

Just as we lined up the exact shampoos for fine hair to add to your shower routine, we've rounded up the best conditioners for fine hair to ensure your delicate locks are treated with the care they need from start to finish. The following formulations are specifically tailored to strengthen and nourish fine hair after you shampoo while leaving your locks with an extra boost of volume so no one will ever suspect you have thin hair. 

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Best Overall: Bumble and Bumble Thickening Volume Conditioner

Bb thickening volume conditioner

Bumble and bumble

Reinvigorate limp strands with this featherweight moisturizing conditioner that makes fine hair feel fuller by separating strands and detangling with silk fibers. The updated formula contains Emblicatechnology which works to plump hair with more volume.

Best Budget: Verb Ghost Conditioner

Verb Conditioner

Courtesy of Sephora

Moringa seed oil, sunflower seed extract, and quinoa protein infuse the hair shaft with essential nutrients to coat and protect strands. In three to five minutes flat, your strands will feel smoother, softer, and stronger. (Note: This product is currently sold out on Amazon, but is expected to receive new stock soon).

Best Drugstore: Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Conditioner

Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Conditioner

 Courtesy of Walmart

Look no further than the shelves of your favorite drugstore for this tried-and-true volume conditioner. The weightless antioxidant formula builds volume without the buildup for an amplified look that lasts for 24 hours.

Best for Frizz: Ouai Volume Conditioner

Ouai Volume Conditioner

 Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Even if you start with tired strands, you can achieve a full-bodied look using this volumizing formula that promises to lift lifeless hair while nourishing for better health. A blend of keratin, tamarind seed extract, amino acids, is to thank.

Best for Shine: Living Proof Full Conditioner

Living Proof Full Conditioner

 Courtesy of Sephora

This lightweight conditioner rejuvenates flat hair with softness and shine without weighing it down in the aftermath. It even helps hair to resist dirt and oil to extend how long it stays clean and voluminous.

Best Strengthening: Keranique Volumizing Keratin Conditioner

Scientifically formulated to tackle fine, breakage-prone, or thinning hair, this potent conditioner cleanses, protects, and treats vulnerable strands to promote strength and growth.

Best for Curly Hair: IGK 30,000 Feet Volume Conditioner

IGK 30,000 Feet Volume Conditioner

 Courtesy of Sephora

In this volumizing conditioner, a caffeine derivative increases the body and shine of hair for thick, healthy results. Its scent has hints of black pepper, berries, violet, geranium, and leather. Did we mention it's also vegan and cruelty-free?

Best for Colored Hair: Christophe Robin Volumizing Conditioner with Rose Extracts

Christophe Robin Volumizing Conditioner With Rose Extracts

 Courtesy of Sephora

Rosewater and fortifying baobab extract cleanse hair while restoring its softness and infusing with volume. Rose extracts maintain and protect the richness of color-treated hair.

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