Makeup Artists Say These Are the Best Concealers for Oily Skin



Often, applying concealer to oily skin feels futile. You apply your favorite blemish or redness-hiding formula, dust powder over the top, and go on your way. Everything's fine until you catch a glimpse of your reflection in a mirror (or in my case, a computer screen). Your skin is shiny, but not in that glowy "I just applied the dewiest of all highlighters" kind of way. It's more like an "I just ran outside in 90% humidity" kind of way. Not ideal.

"Oily skin can make application and wear of concealer and makeup challenging because oily skin produces more sebum and makes skin look shiny a couple hours after makeup application," says Honey Artists makeup artist Azra Red. "It's really important to choose lightweight or waterproof concealers instead of creamy formulas because they tend to move when mixed with the skin's natural oils." Keep scrolling to see tried-and-true concealers that won't budge on oily skin, as recommended by Red and three other expert makeup artists.