15 Concealers That Cover Breakouts Better Than Anything Else

Concealer is used for a lot of things these days: to cover up, contour, highlight, perfect, etc. But let's rewind a bit and take things back to the basics. Its sole purpose is to conceal. So when you're in the midst of an annoying breakout, trust that concealer's got your back and will diminish the look of dark spots and circles, inflammation, uneven areas of your skin, and more. Of course, we're proponents of employing hardworking skincare products to get to the root of the issue, but in the interim, makeup will make you forget your breakout was ever even there—like magic. 

Investing in a full-coverage concealer is a smart beauty decision because it'll last you. A small dollop will cover the toughest areas. Walking past your reflection and being reminded of a pesky pimple can be such a mood killer. Next time, dab one of these bad boys on top of your breakout to knock the look of them right out. Ahead are the 15 best concealers for acne we rely on the most.