5 Concealer Secrets Only Beauty Editors Know



Ask any woman about her desert-island beauty picks, and concealer will make the list 95% of the time. Our savior when it comes to faking wide-awake eyes, covering surprise breakouts, and generally making us look like acceptable human beings even when we feel anything but (ahem, most Monday mornings), it’s a product we pledge our undying love for and don’t ever want to live without. You might be satisfied with the current relationship you have with your concealer, but what if we were to tell you that you were missing out on a whole world of possibility? What if we told you there were certain concealer hacks that beauty editors share with each other that aren’t common knowledge—ones we’re about to reveal to you right this very moment?

We hope you’re nodding eagerly and saying something along the lines of “YES!” because that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Ahead, you’ll find five life-changing concealer tricks we’ve picked up from makeup artists and fellow beauty editors that will bring your concealer game way, way up. Warning: May cause strong urge to toss all other makeup products by the wayside.

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