12 Comfortable Outfits You’ll Want To Wear Everywhere

Cozy looks ahead.

Woman in sweatshirt at the park

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These days, we do essentially everything differently—from errand-running to socializing—which is reflected in the way we dress. But maybe the sartorial shift we’re all living through could viewed as a positive. In our quest for comfortable outfits, we’re finally embracing the idea that it’s just as important (maybe even more important) for clothes to feel good as it is for them to look good. We’re breaking up with the idea that clothes aren’t worth investing in unless many people will see us wearing them.

This period teaches us to truly dress for ourselves, appreciate clothes that feel good on our bodies, and put our resources towards the things we wear most frequently (not most publicly). It’s showing us how to find the middle ground between ease of at-home dressing and the excitement of going-out dressing. And we’re finally coming around to the idea that comfortable staples deserve more love and the right to be styled intentionally. Here’s how to build 12 outfits around cozy staple pieces.

Tie-Dye Sweatshirt

A tie-dye sweatshirt is something you’ll get tons of use out of, both now and in the future. We love embracing the trend wholeheartedly, which means pairing it with matching sweatpants. Let the clothes do the talking by opting for understated white sneakers to finish off the look. 

Baggy Jeans

If you want a look that evokes nostalgia, grab a pair of baggy jeans. Pair them with ‘90’s staples like a cropped black turtleneck, chunky shoes, or a mini purse. A chunky choker necklace is optional, though encouraged. 

A Long Cardigan

A long cardigan has always been essential. Throw it over leggings and a tee for instant professional polish ahead of your Zoom meeting, or go full glam by wearing it as a dress. Layering it over another dress is one way to make it both chic and even more comfortable.


They’re essentially the sartorial love child of sweatpants and leggings, which means joggers have stolen our hearts. We love them paired with a slightly worn t-shirt for lazy days at home. And whenever you need to leave the house, all you have to do is throw on a denim jacket. Choose a pair of printed joggers to give your look some extra oomph.

Cropped Sweatpants

Cropped sweatpants can be a bit daunting to wear. But trust us, it’s all about the styling. The short length of the pants looks perfect with a cropped sweater. Voluminous sleeves completely balance out the wider legs. 


While its name may suggest you should only wear it at home, we believe otherwise. Wear this beauty to a picnic, during your next Zoom call, or at an at-home date night. Whatever you do, embrace the spirit of maximalist glam with a fancy headband.


There’s nothing groundbreaking about a sweatshirt paired with leggings. We're all in agreement here. But this combination proves to be the perfect lounge outfit time and time again. It’s put-together and effortlessly stylish. Kick it up a notch by choosing an elevated sweatshirt (the length, cut, and super-soft fabric on this one are so good) and pairing it with fun printed leggings. A basic piece like this really anchors a look in place, so feel free to get creative with the rest of your outfit.

Fleece Sweatshirt

It’s basically a fuzzy blanket with sleeves. Need we say more? Obviously, you can lounge around in this sweatshirt and some comfy pants, but we see so much potential for versatility in this piece. We’d throw it over a breezy dress and finish with ankle boots for a weekend-ready outfit that’s perfect for transitional weather.

Fashion Sneakers

A pair of stylish sneakers are all you need to take your casual look to the next level. Style them with a lightweight dress to create an outfit that is fashion-forward and practical. What more could you want? 

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There’s a time and place for a beautiful silk robe. In fact, there are more times and places for the chic loungewear piece than you might think. It easily doubles as errand-ready outerwear when styled like a blazer. And if you want to dress up a bit for at-home date night but don’t want to do too much? This is the one piece you need. 

T-Shirt Dress

Pro tip: A T-shirt dress makes for excellent sleepwear and easily transitions into daywear. If you want a complete look, add some leggings and tie a dress around your waist. 

Statement Leggings

Black leggings are staples for a reason, but statement leggings? Those are hero pieces. They’re the kind of bottoms that’ll earn you compliments on the street or get you pumped up for a mood-boosting workout. We particularly love a neon legging moment, especially when paired with a neon bomber jacket. 

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