The 13 Best Combs for Men for Every Hair Type and Style

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The perfect men's comb—a category often overlooked but more important than meets they eye. Maybe you’re trying a new hairstyle or growing out a beard that needs taming. Perhaps the comb you've been using isn't working to detangle your hair or lock in the style you want. There is technically no one-size-fits-all-tasks comb, and for that reason, we've researched the best combs for your hair type and desired style outcome.

There are a lot of combs out there, and it's important to choose one with the right shape and design for your hair. Fine-tooth combs are helpful when detangling straight hair. The finer ends of dual-sided combs can also be used to help lock in a sharp, formal hairstyle (and can better distribute a styling product). Medium-tooth combs are also effective for use with hair products, and for styling medium-to-long hair. Wide-tooth combs are most ideal for detangling curly hair, as well as straight styles when the hair is still wet (as finer teeth can break hairs more easily).

Read on for the best combs for men for every hair type and style.

Our Top Picks
This long, barbershop-style comb is dual-ended with both medium- and fine-tooth options.
Best for Straight Hair:
Paul Mitchell Detangler Comb at Amazon
This wide tooth comb works to detangle and tame long and straight hair.
Featuring a carbon fiber core, this comb detangles curly hair and prevents static.
Best Hair Pick:
Pattern Hair Pick at Ulta
Coily hair needs some extra help when tangled, and this pick offers detangling with minimal stand tension.
Best Eco-Friendly:
Byrd Pocket Comb at Amazon
Made of recycled surfboard fins, this comb is eco-friendly and extremely durable.
This innovative comb replaces the curl sponge for creating twists.
Best Wallet Size:
Wahl Wallet Comb at Amazon
This petite comb is the size of a credit card, so it's a great option to keep in your wallet.
Durable and beautiful, this foldable pocket comb is great for touch-ups on-the-go.
Try this sandalwood comb to reduce static and tame your beard.
These sharp mustache scissors pair perfectly with a comb to tame your hairs.

Best Overall: Baxter of California Large Pocket Comb

Baxter of California Large Pocket Comb

This long, barbershop-style comb is dual-ended with both medium- and fine-tooth options. Aside from super curly locks, you can style just about any length or density of hair with this one, and it's like getting two combs in one. The brand also has a shorter pocket comb option as well as a dual-ended beard comb, but it’s this longer tortoise-shell comb that commands respect on your bathroom vanity.

Best for Straight Hair: Paul Mitchell ProTools Detangler Comb

Paul Mitchell ProTools Detangler Comb

If your hair is long, straight, and often unkempt, a good wide-tooth comb can help with detangling and taming according to hairstylist Kendall Dorsey. It’s especially optimal for wet use, delivering little resistance in straight styles. You’ll want another comb for any styling necessities, but this one is your tried-and-true detangler—and a low-cost investment considering the frequent use you’ll get with it.

Best for Curly Hair: Chicago Comb Model 8 Anti-static Carbon Comb

Chicago Comb Model 8 Anti-static Carbon Comb

This detangler is a big hit for many reasons. First, it helps prevents static thanks to its carbon-fiber core. The long tines help deliver volume and lift to lifeless hair, and the wide teeth provide gentle detangling powers to curly, natural-textured, and long styles—wet or dry. And lastly, it’s also an outstanding pick (literally) for burly, coiled beards.

Best Hair Pick: Pattern Hair Pick

Hair Pick

Coily and extra curly hair can often require a hair pick when it gets tangled. The pick’s thin, long, and wide-tooth tines help achieve this with minimal tension on the strands. Not only can it untangle the most frustrating kinks, but it can also deliver lift, volume, length, and bounce because it targets the hair shafts. It's best used on dry hair, whereas other wide-tooth options are optimal for wet detangling. Pattern’s pick is perfect for its size and thumb grip, so you get sturdy, steady strokes on the first go-round, meaning that there's even less pressure put on each strand.

Best Eco-Friendly: Byrd Pocket Comb

BYRD Pocket Comb

Recycled from Futures surfboard fins, this bright-yellow comb is flexible and extremely durable. It’s a terrific pocket option and an eye-catching styler for both your Dopp kit and vanity. It has dual-ended widths so that it can assist in styling even the finest hairs, or tame and nourish the most unruly beards.

Best for Twists: Twist It Up Hair Comb

Twist It Up Hair Comb

As seen on Shark Tank, the Twist It Up “comb” is a more hygienic alternative to the curl sponge and a more size-friendly alternative to any guys who might otherwise resort to tennis-racket twists. It’s washable, won’t retain oils or product, and it won’t pry any moisture from your hair as you use it, either.

Best Wallet Size: Wahl Wallet Comb

Wahl Wallet Comb

Wahl’s beard comb is the size of a credit card, which allows it to tuck inside your wallet for easy on-the-go grooming. It’s designated as a beard and mustache tool but it’ll help tame your hairs up top, too, if things are on the fritz. It also has dual-width sides (fine and medium) for different levels of tangledness and tautness.

Best Foldable: Kent 20T Handmade Folding Pocket Comb for Hair, Beard, and Mustache

Kent 20T Handmade Folding Pocket Comb for Hair, Beard, and Mustache

When thinking about combs, you may recognize the name Kent. Known for their durable and beautiful acetate combs, we particularly love this foldable, portable pocket model. It’s great for touch-ups on the go, whether you're taming the beard, mustache, or hairs up top. It helps minimizes static and is hand polished (like the rest of Kent’s assortment) so that it has perfectly soft and rounded teeth.

Best for Beards: Cremo Dual-Sided Sandalwood Beard Comb

Cremo Dual-Sided Sandalwood Beard Comb

Cremo’s sandalwood comb helps to minimize static, and its dual ends are designed to tame beards of all densities, textures, and lengths. (Use the medium width for detangling and the finer width for styling.) It’s durable and portable, too, since the sandalwood won’t snap like many plastic or acetate alternatives. And as a bonus, it smells amazing, so you get a bit of aromatherapy with each stroke.

Best for Moustaches: Tweezerman Mustache Scissors and Comb Set

Tweezerman Mustache Scissors and Comb Set

If you’re at the point where you require a mustache comb, then you’re also at the point where you need mustache scissors (to maintain your desired length as it grows, as opposed to an electric trimmer). This duo from Tweezerman will keep your ‘stache trimmed and tamed, even if it’s walrus-sized. Style it with the small, handlebar brush, along with a dash of beard oil. You can then lock it into place with a twizzle of wax.

Best Heated: Kuschelbär Pro Cordless Heated Beard Straightener

Kuschelbär Pro Cordless Heated Beard Straightener

Call it a beard or call it a comb, but the heated beard straightener is here to stay. Kuschelbär is leading the crowded pack with this cordless comb, which helps to tame the most scraggly beards (and those as short as a half-inch). It extends in length and makes it easier to distribute nourishing oils and balms. This model in particular has three heat settings for different hair types and sensitivities, a safety lock, and automatically powers down after 30 minutes to avoid battery drainage and accidental burns.

Best for Parts: The Hair Edit Tame & Condition Comb

The Hair Edit Tame & Condition Comb

If you want a voluminous 1990’s heartthrob hair part or a slick 1960’s Madmen coif, then you'll need a comb that's designed for the task. While many pocket combs have a longer, pointier tooth at one end for defined parts, it’s long-tailed options like this one that can handle just about any kind of part, especially as you grow your hair out. (In longer hair, “sectioning” with these kinds of combs is also impactful prior to braiding or another specific styling, but it's equally terrific for applying scalp treatments and serums, or dry shampoo.)

Best Splurge: Buly 1803 The Art Deco Comb (For Thin Hair)

Buly 1803 The Art Deco Comb (For Thin Hair)

Trapezoidal and eye-catching, the combs from French brand Buly1803 will keep you (and your bathroom vanity) looking tip-top. Their selection of acetate combs covers the bases, from wide-tooth detanglers to high-heeled beard combs, but it's this thin-hair comb that we love best for its unique shape. It’s a statement, certainly, and you can even engrave your name or initials on the side for an extra euro per character. And worry not, it ships internationally.

What to Look For in a Comb


Your first line of defense when purchasing a comb that makes sense for your hair type and style will be the teeth. If you're looking to for a slick tight style with a part, a narrow tooth comb will present more control. If you're going for a looser style, reach for a mid-to-wide tooth comb. Note, if you have thick or coarse hair, a wide tooth comb is less likely to damage or pull the hair.


While quality comb makes will vary, when you're ready to take your grooming skills to the next level, investing in a higher-quality comb should be top of mind. A plastic comb is most common, but you'll also see wood combs and metal combs on the market. A plastic comb works just fine as long as it's quality, sturdy, and flexible. Seek a comb with rounded ends as it helps prevent scratching the scalp or pulling out extra hair.


When it combs to combs, size matters. You'll want to find the right combo based on the area of hair that you are combing, whether that be a mustache or beard or full head of hair. A person with short curly hair will not need the same comb as someone with long straight hair, too. Once you've narrowed the style of comb, be sure to confirm that the size works for your hair style.

Final Verdict

You may need two or three combs for the various tasks in your regimen. The width of the comb you need will depend on your own hair’s density, fragility, and styling demands. Try one for detangling like Paul Mitchell’s ProTools Detangler Comb (see at Amazon), another for styling like the eco-friendly Byrd Pocket Comb (see at Amazon), and yet another for your beard like Cremo’s Dual-Sided Sandalwood Beard Comb (see at Walgreens). Men with natural-textured or curly hair should go with a pick, like the Pattern Hair Pick (see at Ulta). And guys with straight or slightly wavy hair should have always have on hand a dual-sided comb, like Baxter of California’s Large Pocket Comb (see at Amazon).

  • Is it bad to brush your hair with a comb?

    No. Combs are designed to remove tangles from the hair in hopes of avoiding unnecessary breakage and are a great option in your hair grooming routine.

  • How often should a hair comb be replaced?

    The general rule of thumb is six months to one year. That being said, different factors, including how often you use and clean your comb, what products you are using, and the material of the comb, can all impact the longevity of your comb life.

  • How often should you clean a hair comb?

    You should clean your hair comb more than once a month. Product can build up quickly, and to avoid any dirt or residue in the hair, it's important to keep your tools clean. "The reality is this: Dirty brushes can cause lots of hair challenges," says Kerry E. Yates, trichologist and the founder of Colour Collective.

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