America Has Spoken, and This Is Its Favorite Color Shampoo

Getting your hair dyed is a transformative process—both literally and figuratively. Obviously, a new hue is an easy way to adopt a new look, be it through subtle highlights, going full-on millennial pink, or just choosing an über-flattering color that matches your complexion. But your dye job can also have a profound effect on your attitude, as it can make you feel confident and more vibrant.

Unfortunately, we're sad to say, all of that can be ruined with the wrong shampoo. A careless choice of product could wash away your colorist's hard work—not to mention all the money you spent at the salon to get that perfect shade. To make it last, choose a color-safe shampoo that's free of sulfates or harsh detergents and contains nourishing ingredients to restore hair's health after being processed. To get the scoop on which one to buy, we turned to our friends at Rank & Style for some guidance. Keep scrolling to find out the top choice.

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