The 7 Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Men in 2022

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The 7 Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Men in 2022

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If you don't have time to shop, but want to keep up with the latest styles, getting a men's clothing subscription box might be the right move. While each service will differ depending on the brand, you will likely need to take a style quiz where you can show off your sartorial personality before receiving a monthly shipment of goodies. Sometimes there are even a few discounts to sweeten the deal.

To make your style experience more seamless, we reviewed the best clothing subscriptions for men so you can start freshening up your closet now.

Best Overall: Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix

We all need a little help in the wardrobe department sometimes, and Stitch Fix takes personal styling a step further than many of its competitors.

Start by taking a style quiz and selecting preferences for size and price range. Then, one of Stitch Fix’s professional stylists will handpick items for you to try, alongside a note offering tips for pairing the new items with clothes you already have in your closet.

Still not sure how to pull something off? Stitch Fix’s “Ask a Stylist” feature includes an archive of FAQs from other fashion-conscious guys, with space to ask questions about certain looks and even upload a photo for specific feedback. If you’re prepping for a big interview, a special vacation, or an event, fill out a “Fix Request Note,” and your next box will cater to that need. Sizes run from XS to 3XL, catering to waists up to 48 inches.

While Stitch Fix offers monthly subscriptions, automatic renewal and delivery aren’t required: There’s also an option to receive a single box any time you’d like a wardrobe refresh. The only cost per shipment is a $20 styling fee that can be put toward the purchase of any items you receive. 

Best for Essentials: Basic MAN

Basic Man

Basic Man

Items like socks, underwear, and T-shirts tend to get the least amount of love. But Basic MAN offers a hassle-free solution for those highly-used, too-rarely-replaced items with a monthly shipment of elevated essentials.

A subscription fee of around $25 includes one T-shirt, one pair of boxer briefs, and one pair of socks. And they’re not your average quality basics. Boxer briefs are made from the highly-absorbent beechwood tree fabric, Modal, and are made to repel bacteria and odor. Tees are a hybrid between an undershirt and an everyday T-shirt—perfectly wrinkle-resistant with a lie-flat collar. Socks, on the other hand, are made of premium cotton and polyester blend, making them ideal for pairing with a suit or Chucks.

Because most men put these items through the wringer, each Basic MAN item has a "destroy by" date printed on the label that eliminates the guesswork for when to replace your sweat-stained undershirt or thinning socks. If for some reason you're not satisfied with Basic MAN's everyday items, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Best for Surprises: Trendy Butler

Trendy Butler

Trendy Butler

Co-founder Ali Najafian set out to create the easiest shopping experience possible with Trendy Butler. This affordable subscription service eliminates any decision-making for you. Instead, Trendy Butler relies on an algorithm with 250 data points to choose items based on your tastes, and the contents of each box are a surprise.

Drawing from brands like Tailor Vintage, Stitch’s Jeans, Antony Morato, and more, you can always expect at least two items in your shipment. Some months, it will be a full outfit, but oftentimes, the boxes will instead offer staples meant to build a versatile closet. For around $65 a month, customers receive more than $150 worth of on-trend clothing—and that steep discount is not available anywhere else.

Expect your first box to arrive 2-3 weeks after signing up. Each subsequent box will arrive about one week after the payment is processed. If you don’t like the clothes you receive, Trendy Butler offers free exchanges on unworn items with the tags still attached. And, with Trendy Butler's expert technology and wide selection, you'll likely be surprised and delighted with what you receive.

Best Luxury: Trunk Club

Trunk Club

Trunk Club

Nordstrom Trunk Club features access to a huge selection of designers, from Hugo Boss to refined everyday outfits by Bonobos.

Trunk Club charges a $25 styling fee for every shipment, and it can be put toward any items delivered to you. Once you receive the shipment, you'll have five calendar days to decide what you want to purchase before sending the unwanted items back.

Prices per item tend to fall between approximately $50 and $300, and there’s no recurring obligation. Plus, the experience is highly personalized, and users can schedule shipments for as often as they need them. Chat live with a stylist as they curate your trunk—which will include between six and 10 new items to try— and approve their selections via email before anything ships.

Your size will be pre-selected, but free alterations on trunk items at select Nordstrom location can ensure a flattering fit.

Best for Social Good: ThreadLab



Born out of co-founder Will Hench’s frustration with shopping, ThreadLab’s self-proclaimed priorities are efficiency and effectiveness. The brand pursues those values by shipping curated boxes to men across North America and driving every customer to be an advocate for socially-responsible fashion.

Your order starts with a survey that collects information about budget, style, and size—all standard stuff for a clothing subscription company. But ThreadLab is also interested in the causes you’re passionate about, offering quizzes on social issues to earn credit toward future purchases and promoting brands with a do-good component, like TOMS and Patagonia.

Subscription prices vary and depend on the price range you set for each of their product categories. Typical price ranges include $29.99-$89.99 for casual shirts and $34.99-$169.99 for jeans. View shipment contents before they’re sent, and swap out any items that you don’t like. If you receive something you don’t want to keep, send it back unworn for an alternate item or store credit.

In the end, you'll come away from the experience armed with a fresh wardrobe and knowledge about the brands that align best with the causes you support. ThreadLab’s impact isn’t limited to new stuff, either: Send old clothes from your closet back to the company for credit toward your next box, and they’ll recycle or donate the used goods for you.

Best for Streetwear: ThreadBeast



Street style can be highly subjective, but those looking to outsource fashion decisions will find a happy home at ThreadBeast: a monthly subscription box featuring sneakers, hats, denim, and more.

ThreadBeast offers four monthly subscription tiers: a Basic model that includes two-to-three tops or accessories, an Essential plan featuring four to five tops, bottoms, or accessories, a Premium plan offering six to seven tops, bottoms, accessories, or premium denim and outerwear, and a Baller package with nine to 11 items and a pair of shoes.

There’s incredible value in every box, with recognizable brands like Element, Grizzly, Champion, and Levi’s, that are guaranteed at a better price point than elsewhere on the market. On the off-chance that you don’t love everything in your shipment, you can exchange unworn items for something new.

What are clothing subscription boxes for men?

For men who don’t have time to shop (or simply don’t like to), clothing subscription boxes are a worthwhile investment. Clothing subscription boxes make getting dressed a seamless experience by sending a personalized selection of apparel and accessories right to your door. With some subscriptions, you’re able to keep the items in your closet forever, while others allow you to rent the styles as long as you need them. 

How much do clothing subscription boxes for men cost?

The cost of clothing subscription boxes for men varies. Some companies like Trendy Butler and ThreadLab have a set monthly rate. Other clothing subscription boxes like Trunk Club and Stitch Fix only charge a minimal styling fee upfront. And after trying on everything in your box, you’ll pay for the cost of each item you decide to keep.

How often will I receive clothes via a clothing subscription box?

Each clothing subscription service has a different policy on how many items you can receive per month and how long you can loan them. With some clothing subscription boxes, you can expect to receive a new shipment of clothes every month. But with other companies like Nordstrom Trunk Club and Stitch Fix, you can order a new box of clothes as often as you’d like. 

Which subscription boxes allow me to keep the clothes?

With Stitch Fix and Trunk Club, you have the option to purchase any of the items you receive. With Basic MAN, ThreadLab, and ThreadBeast, you get to automatically keep all of the items you receive each month.

Am I able to exchange or return items from my clothing subscription box?

The exchange and return policies vary with each clothing subscription box. Basic MAN will accept returns or exchanges of unused items. Trendy Butler and ThreadBeast do not accept returns but will exchange items due to sizing issues. But with Stitch Fix and Nordstrom Trunk Club’s subscription model, you are able to only purchase the items you want to keep and send back the rest—so there’s no need to worry about exchanges or returns.

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