5 of the Best Clear Lip Glosses, According to a Lip Gloss Skeptic

Flag me if I'm wrong, but if I had to presume, I would say that we all have at least one type of beauty product that has the power to send us into a convulsive fit of drool—a weakness if you will. Me? Well I have I have three: mascara, blush and highlight (I categorize them as one), and lip gloss. But here's the catch, unlike the two former (which I wear and layer with abandon), I can't stand to wear the latter. Confession: I have a love affair with the way lip gloss looks (but aside from one), I've never had the stamina to wear it for more than three minutes. So naturally, I decided to try all of my co-workers' favorites. Clear lip glosses: eight, skeptical testers (aka me): one.

Previously, my biggest qualms with gloss have been related to texture, shine, and overall durability. My favorite tubes of yesteryear (because I'm a '90s baby and did douse my lips with stuff for the entirety of junior high) left my lips dry, chapped, and enrobed in unmoving bits of glitter. It wasn't cute in 2006, and it's certainly not cute now. And then, of course, there's the hair factor. Namely, I don't want it in my mouth, let alone stuck to my mouth. Case closed.

However, it's part of my job to pore over images of gloss-adorned models and celebrities and test and review adorably enticing products—tough life, I know. And as ironic as it may seem, lusciously glossy pouts and tubes are a few of my favorite things to ogle. So, I thought to myself, Why not give this another shot? Surely my lip-blessed co-workers know what they're doing, and if they swear by a lip gloss, it has to be great. (A scientific hypothesis, I know.)

Thus, here I am two weeks later writing about the five best clear lip glosses and five, yes five, that have now earned irreplaceable spots inside my makeup bag. Don't get me wrong—each of the eight products my co-workers recommended was fabulous. But seeing as I'm touchy on the subject, it was inevitable that a few would land in the discard pile. Curious to see which clear lip glosses I thought were the best? Keep scrolling.