5 Brow Gels in 5 Days: Which One Stayed Put?

To say that brows are important to me would quite possibly be the understatement of the century. I marvel in the thickness, I play up the shade and arch with a thoughtfully executed cocktail of products, and I live for the compliments. But while brow pens, pencils, pomades, and powders are vital to achieving my desired look, the proper gel is paramount. I swipe it on even when I leave the rest of my face bare.

Recently, in order to look my brightest-eyed and bushiest-browed, I decided to take the gel matters into my own hands. I collected five of the top-rated eyebrow offerings and dedicated an entire workweek to experimenting with each one. The objective? Find the best brow gel, once and for all. I went to a workout class, danced all night, and sweat my face off on the subway platform, all for the greater good of this piece.

Keep reading to find out which product won.

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