Everyone's Talking About How This $16 Clay Mask Makes Your Skin "Pulsate"

Best Natural Clay Mask for Oily, Congested Skin

We've spoken before about the clay face masks we lean on to take our complexions from zero to 100. Whenever we are having a bay skin day, and suffering from breakouts or blackheads, we find a that clay treatment will always suck out the bad stuff, and leave radiant, baby-soft skin in its wake. While we do have a few tried and tested favourites, when we heard about the "world's most powerful facial", we were suitably intrigued. 

A little-known US brand is selling a beauty powder consisting of sun-dried calcium bentonite clay that it suggests mixing with apple cider vinegar. Fans of the product say it makes the skin "pulsate" on application, which left us feeling sceptical, until we started trawling through the 300+ rave reviews online.

Curious? Keep reading.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay $16

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is the product in question, and by the sound of things, it's a miracle worker for oily and acne-prone skin. One reviewer says it's "incredible", and the "best mask I've ever used". Another says it's "the only thing that cleared my cystic acne." As for the pulsating? This reviewer explains their skin "pulsed and tingled" from the very first use. 

What's more, it's actually just been called out as the number one selling clay mask on Amazon in Australia. The hype, is in fact, real. 

It sounds life-changing, and according to the product description, it can also be used as a bath soak, foot soak, and even on insect bites. Since it's currently in stock, we've been convinced to place an order ASAP. 

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