13 Products Byrdie Editors Swear By for Better Cleavage

Perhaps it was the viral video of Rihanna applying Body Lava all over her chest and décolletage earlier this year or just the sizzle-inducing turn of the season, but cleavage—specifically shimmering, incandescently alluring cleavage—has been at the top of Byrdie HQ's mind as of late. And honestly, we're ready to embrace it. (Especially considering the influx of chest, neck, and, yes, bust-boosting beauty products that have made their way across our desks recently—a pattern we're not mad at.)

Of course, some products have been better than others, and sometimes we simply revert to the trusted formulas or skin-enhancing tricks we've picked up from makeup artists along the way to get the job done instead. Regardless, the end goal is a highlighted, healthy-looking décolletage we're proud (and excited!) to show off just in time for skin season. Ahead, 13 products Byrdie editors personally love to slather all over our cleavage and happen to think you would too—keep scrolling.