You Should Be Using This $4 Product for Everything, Says This Makeup Pro

Drugstore Makeup Products - Uses for Vaseline
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Of all the revelations you might expect from Kim Kardashian's preferred makeup artist, the unadulterated praise of a very no-frills drugstore staple probably wouldn't near the top of your list—nor would the notion that the contouring trend is dead, for that matter. And yet, Mario Dedivanovic copped to both of these things in a recent interview with the Daily Mail, underlining a palpable shift in beauty from over-the-top glam to a more minimal, understated approach.

"Working with a lighter hand and holding back is the key," he said of the contouring trend he popularized. Instead, "Glossy is the new look—glossy skin, lids, and lips." And to achieve this dewy-looking sheen and avoid any cakiness, you don't need anything particularly fancy—in fact, Dedivanovic recommends just swinging by your local drugstore and picking up some good old petroleum jelly.

Uses for Vaseline - Kim Kardashian Drugstore Beauty Products
Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly $4

"Apply petroleum or glycerin-like products onto lids, cheeks, and lips for a gorgeous glow without powdery texture," Dedivanovic says.

It's not the first time that a pro has recommended a salve as a more natural-looking alternative to highlighter—nor exalted Vaseline as the ultimate multitasker. Get more ideas on how to include this wallet-friendly staple in your beauty routine.

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