What Do Estheticians Really Think of Charcoal Peel-Off Masks?

Charcoal peel-off masks are still the buzziest skincare products on Instagram. Seeing the pore debris on the back of a freshly peeled mask should be plain gross, and it is, but it's also incredibly satisfying. There's something about being able to physically see the gunk that's left your pores that makes you feel accomplished—like your skin is instantly more clean and renewed.

But just because they're popular on Instagram doesn't mean they're popular with everyone. Many skincare experts have spoken out against these masks, saying they're much too harsh for the gentle skin on your face. Ingredients aside, you have to tug and pull the mask to remove it—sometimes painfully so.

So what's the consensus, then? Are charcoal peel-off masks okay to use, or should we stay far, far away? We took these questions to a couple of estheticians to find out once and for all. Keep reading to see what the pros have to say about these popular skincare products!




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