The Best CC Cushion Compacts for Sheer Coverage

K-beauty is downright fascinating. From BB and CC creams to 10-step skincare routines, essences, and cushion compacts, we owe so much to Korean innovation. But sometimes, with innovation comes unfamiliarity. If you're not brushed up on the best Korean brands and ingredients, how can you know what to shop for? Or, quite frankly, what purpose each product serves?

Take CC cushion compacts, for example. They can be confusing: How do they differ from BB creams, and what's the purpose of the cushion applicator? We have the answers for you: While they're similar to BB formulas, CC formulas are focused on color-correcting (that's what the CC stands for). Many have peachy and yellow undertones to correct dark spots and sallowness. They also do a number on dullness, redness, all without laying atop your skin with a heavy texture. That's thanks to the cushion applicator, which provides an airbrushed, buildable finish. Honey Artists makeup artist Daniela Gozlan loves CC cushion compacts because they don't "settle in wrinkles or lines. Skin is like satin, and it gives a lovely, healthy glow."

Keep reading to see which CC cushion compacts experts recommend.

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Opening Image: SeoulSync