3-Minute Read: This Is the Most Effective Cardio Machine at the Gym, Hands Down

Updated 09/08/17

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The Best Cardio Machine at the Gym - Most Effective Cardio Workout
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Like it or not (I'm firmly in the "not" camp, personally), cardio is a crucial part of any workout routine. But while we can all concur that there are many ways to get your heart racing, a common misconception is that the treadmill is your best bet for efficient cardio. Not necessarily: Seth Maynard, the director of fitness and lead instructor at the buzzy NYC total-body boutique haunt Switch Playground, makes the case for the oft-ignored StairMaster to Well and Good.

Maynard says that stair climbing is especially key for anyone who has finicky joints. "It's actually my favorite cardio machine," he says. "It lifts and tightens everything, burns a lot of calories, and is easier on the knees." Best of all: Because you're fighting gravity as you exercise, you only need to log 20 to 30 minutes to get an effective workout. Head over to Well and Good to get more details on the comeback of this relatively retro piece of equipment.

The ever-iconic Charlotte Gainsbourg (daughter of the ever-iconic Jane Birkin) is teaming up with Nars for a makeup collection that's both French girl– and It Brit–approved. It's due out on April 15—get your first peek here.

According to InStyle, the pros swear by this technique to cover grays and add depth to roots. (Yet another genius use for our favorite makeup blender.)

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