The Best Candle Subscriptions to Lift Your Mood

Light up your life with mood boosting candles

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Best Candle Subscriptions

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Candles are great for many things including decoration, to set the mood, or simply provide light. Their main purpose for many of us is to create a nice ambiance, add personality to a space, and maybe even reduce stress. 

Candles have become something of a status symbol over the years, with new brands releasing new scents faster than we can burn them. With that can come some pretty serious decision paralysis. The solution? Subscriptions that deliver lovely scented candles to your doorstep each month so you will never be devoid of good vibes. 

We’ve rounded up the best candle subscriptions below. Whether you are looking for a luxurious candle, a clean fragrance, or something eco-friendly, there’s an option for every candle lover out there. Sometimes the best pick-me-ups come in an 8-ounce reusable container.

Best Candle Subscriptions

Best Overall: Vellabox

Vellabox candle on wooden tray with books and matches


Why We Chose It: Vellabox stands out for its all-natural candles, surprise gifts, affordability, and dedication to partnering with small-batch artisans.

What We Like

  • Sustainable initiatives
  • Affordable
  • Partners with small-batch artisans
  • Surprise gifts

What We Don’t Like:

  • The candle sizes might be small for some

Vellabox delivers a monthly box of “you-time” to your door each month.

The company enlists small-batch American artisans from around the country to pour lead-free, all-natural candles and is committed to featuring ones made with 100% natural wax from renewable resources. Customers can breathe easily knowing their health and the environment are being prioritized with brands like P.F. Candle Co, Wooly Beast, and Harper + Ari.

The subscriptions Vellabox offers are tiered: The Lucerna Box includes a four-ounce candle for about $10 a month, The Ignis Box is around $20 a month for an 8-ounce candle, and the Vivere box includes both an 8- and 4-ounce candle (two different scents) for approximately $30 per month.

Each subscription also comes with a free handpicked surprise gift. There doesn’t seem to be as much rhyme or reason to the monthly picks as other subscription candle boxes, but the overall aim is to uplift your mood and elevate your space.

Best Budget: The Burlap Bag

The Burlap Bag Soy Candle in the scent "Gimme Coffee"

Why We Chose It: We chose The Burlap Bag because of its eco-friendly efforts and affordable price.

What We Like

  • Small business
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long burn time

What We Don’t Like

  • Some customers have complained that the scents aren’t strong enough
  • Scents are only available for a limited time

There’s a lot to love about the way The Burlap Bag operates as a small business in Austin, Texas. For one, the team makes all of the candles in-house—from pouring the wax to designing the labels, which gives each product a personal touch. The company also takes appreciative efforts to be as eco-friendly as possible.

The soy base is made out of natural soybeans, is biodegradable, and free of pesticides and herbicides. The wick is lead-free, the fragrances are phthalate-free, and the overall product is vegan and cruelty-free. Even the packaging has a sustainable component: The packing peanuts are also biodegradable plus, the packaging and glass jars are recyclable. 

For about $22 a month, subscribers get a limited-edition, 9-ounce candle shipped free to their front doors before it’s available online. Here’s another fun tidbit about the brand: The candles all have quirky names. There’s Crazy Cat Lady—which, no, does not smell like a litter box, but rather like the Japanese citrus yuzu. Or, try Mermaid Magic which, naturally, smells like sea salt and driftwood.

There’s also an option to indulge in the Fancy-Schmancy Smelly Club subscription which includes a candle poured into a fancy vessel that can be cleaned and re-used costing $32 per month. Each month's scent is a surprise sure to perk up your day and bring some great scents into your space.

Best for The Outdoorsy Type: Keap

Keap Wild Figs Candle

Why We Chose It: Keap stands out for its nature-driven scents and dedication to being as sustainable as possible.

What We Like

  • A unique variety of scents
  • Sustainable

What We Don’t Like

  • Can be pricey for some
  • Seasonal fragrances can be hit or miss.

Keap candles are meant to transport you someplace other than your living room. Like, say, a cabin surrounded by elm trees or Japanese hot springs—places where nature and adventure thrive. Its mission is to “restore the balance and connection between humanity and the natural world, through products that speak to the soul.”

For about $44 per candle ($10 cheaper than the regular cost), subscribers receive one or two candles a month or one candle every two months. The candles themselves are made in Brooklyn, New York, out of sustainable coconut wax which helps to create a clean, slow, complete burn.

There’s an option to choose your scent of choice, but we recommend the Seasonal Scent box which surprises you with a new outdoorsy smell each month.

The company also includes a small box of matches, limited-edition on-theme art, as well as a tea light of the next month’s scent so you can prepare yourself for the lovely smells to come—or opt-out of.

Best For Personalization: Wickbox

Pink Wickbox with a black bow candle and pink flowers


Why We Chose It: We chose Wickbox because of its personalized approach to candles and its variety of partner brands.

What We Like

  • The personalized approach
  • Reusable containers
  • Partners with different brands

What We Don’t Like:

  • Might be too trendy for some

Wickbox is all about a curated experience and you are encouraged to follow the brand’s two motto's are "treat yourself" and "let your light shine."

Before customers subscribe, they fill out a scent profile which helps gauge what candles they might prefer. The questionnaire asks customers to rate different fragrance categories (floral, herbal, citrus, gourmand and more), as well as share their all-time favorite smell. Wickbox will then send a candle, based on the answers, from one of its partner brands which often comes in fun, on-trend containers they recommend reusing to store makeup, nail polish, or jewelry. 

Everything comes packaged nicely in a cute, pink box and subscribers can choose between a medium box (starting at roughly $35 for candles that burn for 30 to 60 hours) or a large one (starting at about $45 with candles that burn for 60 to 100 hours). There is also the option to add on trinkets like a wick trimmer, candle snuffer, or wick dipper, for an additional price. Sometimes, the company will even throw in a free bonus treat such as a face mask or hand cream.

Final Verdict

When it comes to people’s desired candle scent, it often comes down to personal preference, so we selected brands that offer a variety of fragrances. Some are seasonal and come as a surprise (like Keap and Vellabox), while others allow the customers to pick the scent themselves. Wickbox stood out for its personalization. The company selects candles each month based on a customer’s individual scent profile questionnaire. 

We also considered a company’s sustainability efforts. Vellabox was highlighted for its lead-free and all-natural candles, while The Burlap Bag stands out for its recyclable boxes and glass jars. Brands like Wickbox were included for candle lovers who like to lean into luxury while still saving money.

What Are Candle Subscriptions?

Candle subscriptions are monthly or seasonal boxes delivered to your doorstep. Subscription candles can be from a company's own line of candles or from other brands. The items you receive depend on the company and the month.

What Is Included in a Candle Subscription?

Typically, a subscription box includes at least one candle and may also include additional free perks like a box of matches, travel-sized beauty products, reusable cleaning cloth, and more. Most also allow you to purchase items for an additional cost. The candles are usually seasonal and are either a surprise, pre-selected by the customer, or based on a scent profile. 

How Much Do Candle Subscriptions Cost?

The price can vary depending on the company as well as the size of the candle, but the ones we’ve selected range from about $10 a month for a 4-ounce candle to roughly $40 for a 7.4-ounce. Most brands also offer candles for a one-time purchase or a discount for longer subscriptions.

How We Chose the Best Candle Subscriptions

To select the best candle subscriptions, we examined cost, customer reviews, extra add-ons, and the variety of candles on offer. We also looked at how eco-friendly brands were and whether or not their packaging or holders were recyclable or could be reused. Overall, we tried to choose candle subscriptions that offered top-tier value and alluring scents.

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