The 9 Best Caffeine Shampoos of 2023

Stimulate hair growth and scalp health with picks from Oribe, Briogeo, and more

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Best Caffeine Shampoos of 2023

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Caffeine is a non-negotiable in our morning routines to energize our bodies for the day (raise your hand if you succumb to the daily iced latte). But the ingredient is not just a coffee mainstay. Caffeine has also emerged in volumizing products and shampoos due to its ability to promote and stimulate hair growth.

Lathering your hair with the hero ingredient can strengthen, revitalize, and nourish the scalp leaving you with longer, healthier, and more luxurious hair. We conducted hours of research to find the best caffeine shampoos for a voluminous shampoo regimen, evaluating formulas on active ingredients—aside from caffeine, like biotin, and turmeric. We rated products based on their benefits, what types of hair the formula works best on,  and the results. We also had a look at what the formulas don’t contain—namely sulfates, which can weigh down hair negating the effects of a caffeinated shampoo. After consulting with a celebrity hairstylist and a trichologist, and narrowing down our list to top-rated formulas, we landed on the following best in show.

Best Overall

Briogeo Destined for Density Caffeine + Biotin Peptide Density Shampoo

Briogeo Destined for Density Caffeine + Biotin Peptide Density Shampoo


What We Like
  • Safe on color treatments and keratin

  • Works on all hair types

What We Don't Like
  • Works best with the full line of products

It’s nearly impossible to find a product that prioritizes the hero ingredient more than Briogeo—the brand’s Destined for Density Shampoo puts hair growth ingredients at the forefront of its formula. The energy complex features a concoction of caffeine, green coffee oil, and an energizing enzyme to stimulate hair growth and fuller hair. Plus, with biotin strengthening the hair and follicle to support elasticity, your thinning strands are no match for this shampoo. 

It’s also filled with a nourishing copper peptide and zinc to promote and support overall scalp health and hair density. The fusion of growth-stimulating ingredients coupled with real-world results gives Briogeo a well-deserved top spot on the list of the best caffeine shampoos. And for ultimate volume, the brand also makes a conditioner, serum, and supplement counterparts to the hair cleanser.

Price at time of publish: $32

Active Ingredients: Caffeine, biotin, green coffee oil, copper peptide | Sulfate-Free: Yes | Cruelty Free: Yes

Best Budget

OGX Anti-Hair Fall + Coconut Caffeine Shampoo

OGX Anti-Hair Fall + Coconut Caffeine Shampoo


What We Like
  • Features growth and hydrating ingredients

  • Inexpensive

What We Don't Like
  • Might not be best for super oily hair

Looking to spend less than ten dollars (yes, you read that right) on a shampoo with caffeine? Look no further than OGX’s Anti-Hair Fall + Coconut Caffeine Strengthening Shampoo. This ingredient list features caffeine and white tea extract to improve hair growth, and coconut oil to hydrate and strengthen the hair. 

Made with an inexpensive yet scalp-loving formula, this shampoo smoothly coats your strands, dousing them with plenty of growth-promoting and moisture-locking ingredients. And, the coconut-coffee blend will leave your hair smelling like a tropical java drink.

Price at time of publish: $8

Active Ingredients: Caffeine, white tea extract, coconut oil, coffee extract | Sulfate-Free: Yes | Cruelty Free: No

Best Splurge

Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo

Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo


What We Like
  • Has a chorus of growth-promoting ingredients

  • Luxe packaging

  • Lathers well

  • Comes in travel and refill sizes

What We Don't Like
  • The only deterrent is the price

Even your scalp deserves a “treat yourself” moment, and that’s where Oribe’s Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo comes into our haircare routines. This product is the top pick among caffeine shampoos for Penny James, a New York City-based Certified Trichologist. She praises the brand’s signature “bio-restorative complex featuring plant collagen, caffeineand biotin.” 

James explains that “these active ingredients repair, nourish, and strengthen the cuticles and hair shaft while also energizing the scalp and stimulating the follicles,” thus creating an ideal environment for hair strengthening and growth. 

The formula’s amino acid complex and Mediterranean cypress extract also work to strengthen the hair, penetrate the hair cuticles, and supply strands with extra hydration. Plus, the product basically doubles as shower decor, thanks to its sleek packaging that is sure to elevate any shower space. 

Price at time of publish: $53

Active Ingredients: Biotin, plant collagen, caffeine, and niacinamide | Sulfate-Free: Yes | Cruelty Free: Yes

Best Strengthening

Bumble and bumble Full Potential Hair Preserving Shampoo

Bumble and bumble Full Potential Hair Preserving Shampoo


What We Like
  • Lathers well

  • Features multiple growth-stimulating ingredients

What We Don't Like
  • Some shoppers complained of the stronger scent

This formula works double duty to clean and nourish the hair. The formula is part cleanser, part exfoliator, and part strengthener, invigorating the scalp and leaving your head with softened strands, a clean canvas, and salon-level volume.

Formulated with stimulating ingredients like rosemary leaf extract, and of course, caffeine, this shampoo penetrates the hair follicles to support hair growth and fight against hair loss. The product features plant extract centella asiatica (aka hydrocotyle), which also fights against hair loss by promoting collagen production and increasing circulation, an ideal combination for those with breakage-prone and thinning hair.

This cleansing shampoo has everything you need for an overall lavish shower experience with its cleansing, exfoliating, and fortifying properties that work overtime to soothe the scalp and promote hair growth. 

Price at time of publish: $34

Active Ingredients: Rosemary leaf extract, caffeine, hydrocotyle extract | Sulfate-Free: No | Cruelty-Free: Yes

Best Exfoliating

Aveda Invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo

Aveda Invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo


What We Like
  • Contains other hair-growth agents including ginseng and turmeric

  • Exfoliates the scalp

What We Don't Like
  • For thinner hair, you may want to opt for the light version of this shampoo

We’re constantly on the hunt for multitasking products that have the ability to pare down extensive routines, and Aveda’s Invati Advanced Exfoliating shampoo is the epitome of a double-duty product. The formula multitasks as an exfoliator and a strengthener, ideal for those with scalp build-up, and who still desire an extra dose of strengthening ingredients.  

The exfoliant-enriched formula (thanks to salicylic acid and lactic acid) is ideal for removing build-up and dandruff. And in addition to caffeine, this formula is filled with other hardworking ingredients including ginseng and tumeric extracts, ideal for strengthening hair follicles, promoting hair growth, and overall scalp health.

Price at time of publish: $36

Active Ingredients: Turmeric extract, ginseng, salicylic acid, caffeine | Sulfate-Free: Yes | Cruelty Free: Yes

Best for Fine Hair

Klorane Strengthening Shampoo with Quinine and Edelweiss

Klorane Strengthening Shampoo with Quinine and Edelweiss


What We Like
  • Made from natural ingredients

  • Caffeine is supported by other volumizing ingredients

What We Don't Like
  • It has a scent, but it fades once the product is washed out

If you’re searching for an impressive strengthening formula for ultra-fine hair, we highly suggest Klorane’s Strengthening Shampoo, which is all about boosting the hair’s density during your shower routine, courtesy of its growth-promoting actives. The plant-based shampoo is enriched with quinine bark extract, organic edelweiss, and caffeine which work to target thinning hair. 

Plus, it makes the hair look and feel extra soft, apropos of a vitamin B complex, which fortifies the hair and prevents breakage, ultimately improving the hair’s overall health and shine. 

Price at time of publish: $24

Active Ingredients: Quinine bark extract, organic edelweiss, caffeine, vitamin B complex | Sulfate-Free: Yes | Cruelty Free: Yes

Best for Color-Treated Hair

LolaVie Restorative Shampoo

LolaVie Restorative Shampoo


What We Like
  • Comes in a travel size

  • Leaves the hair glossy and smooth

  • Non-greasy

What We Don't Like
  • Works best with the entire product lineup

Not only is Jennifer Aniston’s haircare line the first step in achieving that highly coveted and '90s-inspired Rachel Green look, but it also supplies the hair with a dose of caffeine while doing so. 

The caffeine-filled formula is bolstered with growth-stimulating biotin and melatonin to aid in repairing damage and improving volume. It's also formulated with soothing niacinamide and a cocktail of plant extracts including ginger, peppermint, and chia to nourish the scalp with natural ingredients and stimulate hair growth. Not to mention, it leaves the hair with a fresh fruity scent and a super soft finish, with no styling needed. 

Price at time of publish: $29

Active Ingredients: Caffeine, niacinamide, biotin | Sulfate-Free: Yes | Cruelty Free: Yes

Best for Dry Hair

Terez & Honor Caffeine Hair Loss Shampoo

Terez & Honor Caffeine Hair Loss Shampoo

Terez & Honor

What We Like
  • Works well on men's and women’s hair

  • Prioritizes caffeine

What We Don't Like
  • Takes a couple of minutes to fully lather into hair

Terez & Honor’s Caffeine Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo comes highly recommended by professional hairstylist Joseph Michael, who explains “caffeine helps to suppress the hair loss hormone called DHT at the follicle,” resulting in a decreased amount of hair loss. He adds that “caffeine along with other ingredients together can help stimulate hair growth.” And luckily, this caffeine-first formula is coupled with black sesame and Chinese knotweed which work to promote scalp circulation and aid in hair growth. Plus, hydrating acacia moisturizes the hair for ultimate revitalization for the driest of strands. 

Price at time of publish: $28

Active Ingredients: Caffeine, acacia, black sesame, Chinese knotweed | Sulfate-Free: No | Cruelty Free: Yes

Best for Frizzy Hair

JVN Embody Daily Volumizing Shampoo

JVN Embody Daily Volumizing Shampoo


What We Like
  • Color-safe

  • Works well with any hair type

What We Don't Like
  • The larger pump bottle takes up a decent amount of shower real estate

While the Embody Daily Volumizing Shampoo can be used on any type of hair, this product is especially advantageous for those with frizzy hair types. JVN haircare has pioneered the use of hemi-squalene, an innovative molecule that “deeply penetrates the hair to repair, protect, and smooth all types and textures,” according to the brand. The hero ingredient is not only color-safe, but keeps frizz and flyaways at bay by smoothing and nourishing the strands. 

Plus, the formula boasts some serious volume payoff, making it a go-to formula for those with fine or thinning hair. The lightweight formula combined with a lathering cleanse removes any unwanted build-up without stripping the hair of its natural oils. The efficacious shampoo is also gentle enough for daily use and is scientifically formulated to combat hair loss. 

Price at time of publish: $21

Active Ingredients: Squalane, hemi-squalene, caffeine, aloe leaf juice | Sulfate-Free: Yes | Cruelty Free: Yes

Final Verdict

For a product that prioritizes hair growth through caffeine, Briogeo’s Destined for Density Shampoo earned our top spot. The powerhouse formula also features biotin and peptides to stimulate the scalp and follicles for a fuller head of hair. If you’re willing to splurge on a luxe formula, we suggest Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo. And for a wallet-friendly pick, OGX Anti-Hair Fall + Coconut Caffeine Strengthening Shampoo also puts caffeine at the forefront of its formula.

Meet the Expert

What to Look for in Shampoo with Caffeine

Active Ingredients

In addition to caffeine, there are other growth-promoting factors to look for in shampoo. James suggests looking for biotin alongside caffeine, “to strengthen the hair shaft.” Briogeo’s Destined for Density Shampoo, Oribe’s Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo, and Lolavie’s Restorative Shampoo all feature biotin.

Scalp Soothing Ingredients

Niacinamide is a hero ingredient for the scalp due to its nourishing, moisturizing, and soothing properties. It also promotes circulation and blood flow in the scalp, therefore strengthening the hair follicles and stimulating healthy hair growth.

  • Does caffeine shampoo help hair grow?

    There have been many studies that show caffeine can contribute to hair growth. Both of the hair professionals we consulted recommended a caffeine shampoo, noting its ability to enhance hair shaft elongation and promote volume. “Caffeine also helps to suppress the hair loss hormone called DHT at the follicle,” explains Michael. 

  • How often should you use caffeine shampoo?

    You can use a caffeine shampoo just as often as you would your typical hair cleansers. Michael recommends “using a shampoo every three to four days that contains caffeine.” 

    James adds that you can use it as often as you need and suggests those with oily hair “might want to shampoo your hair more frequently.”

  • Are there any side effects to using caffeine shampoo?

    Both of our experts concur that there are no side effects in using a shampoo with caffeine in it. “Caffeine is not a medication,” explains James, “the worst case would be the shampoo does not work well with your hair type.” 

    Michael says “If any irritation occurs, there may be another active ingredient in the shampoo that isn’t working for your scalp regimen.”

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