The Brow Products That Fly Off Sephora's Shelves First

Finding the right brow product for my specific (and patchy) brows was a game-changing moment. I'd been using regular pencils for years, only to have smudging and arches that looked obviously filled in. Then when I'd heard about the benefits of using a "waxy," small-tipped pencil, my brow woes dissipated. This consistency makes it so no slippage occurs, and the tiny diameter of the pencil allows you to draw tiny brow hairs so any trace of product is virtually undetectable.

Plenty of other women have found their brow match too—specifically, tens of thousands of Sephora shoppers. Scouring the site, we found some of the most beloved brow products from growth serums to tinted gels and pencils. Below learn more about these brow superheroes.