It's Official: These Are the 15 Best Brow Gels on the Market

We've been going on about our eyebrows for some time now. In beauty, the power-brow trend shows no signs of waning. The thicker, darker, and bushier, the better, no? But it's true that not all of us are as blessed in the brow department as others (we're looking at you, Lily Collins, Emilia Clarke, and Zendaya). So we need a little help from our friends. In this case, our friends are thickening, volumizing brow gels. The best brow gels on the market, if I do say so myself. 

From tinted to clear and those that include cannabis oil or fibers, the sky's the limit when it comes to formula blends. One thing's for sure: They work, and they work well. Keep scrolling to find the best things that have ever happened to your brows. You'll love 'em; we promise.