7 Wedding Lipsticks That Won't Fade Through Dancing and Cake


Free People

Choosing a wedding makeup look is hard enough, but it seems narrowing down your collection of lipstick to a single shade is impossible. There are so many factors. Will the color be the perfect mix between subtle and notable? Will it look like you but better? Will it feel stylish and pretty? And, the most paramount of all, will it last all night through pictures, dancing, cake, champagne, and (duh) a few smooches?

While I'm not exactly engaged, I thought it important to do a little research on the best formulas for the occasion—because brides have enough on their plates. And, if you're like me, feel free to scroll, click, and shop these lipsticks even if you're just planning a blowout party or birthday celebration. The relationship thing can come later. Right now, we're talking lipsticks. I included a range of colors—neutrals, pale pinks, tangerine, berry, true red, and even a dark bordeaux for the daring type—so there's something for everyone!

Even if you have the S.O. thing down pat, click through to find your perfect lipstick match.

Now that you have your lipstick all figured out, let's talk skincare. This is the facial you need to get before your wedding.