This Is What Gloria Steinem Eats for Breakfast


Gather & Feast

Have you ever wondered what the country's smartest, most powerful women eat to keep their minds and bodies in peak condition? You're about to find out.

Last night, I attended an event for two of the most revolutionary women alive: Jill Soloway, creator of groundbreaking Amazon series Transparent, and Gloria Steinem, an activist and leader of the 1960s feminist movement. The two sat on stage at UCLA's Royce Hall in Westwood, California, exchanging ideas about the state of the country. At 82, Steinem is as acute and profound as ever. Over the course of the evening, she offered resonant soundbites of wisdom, like "I'm a hope-aholic," and "We move at the speed of trust." We all listened with reverence, Soloway included.

When you get the chance to meet someone you greatly admire, often the first question you want to ask them is something simple—something that will allow you a little window into their daily life. So it makes sense that at the end of the event, Soloway's first personal question for Steinem was the following: "What do you eat for breakfast?" 

Soon it was revealed that both Steinem and Soloway's breakfast choices have something in common—in fact, it's the one thing that nutritionists, athletes, and successful career women all agree is essential to their health and productivity. Keep scrolling to discover the breakfast ingredient that Gloria Steinem, Jill Soloway, and many other successful women swear by!