7 Beauty Products Brazilian Girls Love

Aside from the illustrative fact that Brazil has yielded a sizeable percentage of the supermodel community, there’s the obvious aspect of the country’s environs: How many superfoods and “miracle” products have been sourced from the Amazon? Blame it on açai, but it’s practically cliché at this point. (Almost as cliché as claiming that all Brazilians are destined for model superstardom.)

Either way, it’s undeniable that the word beauty is practically synonymous with Brazil. And there are numbers to back that up: Forbes reported in 2014 that Brazil was the fastest-growing beauty industry worldwide. Embracing the incredible plant ingredients the region has to offer, Brazilian women strike a balance between tropical glamour and a more natural sensibility—and their go-to products reflect that. So whether the Olympics have sparked your interest or you’re perennially fascinated by the country’s best-kept secrets (both, in our case), we thought it only fitting to count down the best Brazilian (and Brazilian-inspired) products to help you find your inner Gisele.

Did we miss any of your go-to Amazonian products? Share them with us in the comments, and if you’re itching for inspiration, check out more Brazilian beauty secrets.