The Best Bras for Small Busts That Don't Skimp on Comfort

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If you have a small bust (*raises hand*), you know finding the perfect bra can be a challenge. Often, A to B cup bras boast ill-fitting straps and gaping cups. However, through trial and error, I've found an assortment of bras that actually work for small chests. The lingerie picks ahead are supportive, comfortable, and cute. Keep scrolling for 28 of the best bras for small busts, my favorite options for those of us who are small-chested and want to look and feel our best.

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Lulalu Zuri Wireless Pushup Bra with Lace (Sizes 30AAA-42A)

Zuri Wireless Pushup Bra with Lace
Lulalu Zuri Wireless Pushup Bra with Lace $58.00

Lulalu designs bras for people who wear AAA, AA, and A cups. The Zuri is a wireless push-up with medium-light, nonremovable pads. Available in three colors (black, mocha, and nude), this bra is made with soft microfiber and boasts a delicate lace trim on the front.

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Gap Breathe Wireless Bra (Sizes 32AA-38DD)

Gap Breathe Wireless Bra
Gap Breathe Wireless Bra $43.00

Gap's Breathe Wireless Bra is made with a lightweight, breathable, heather jersey knit fabric. This style also has convertible, adjustable straps, allowing you to unhook them for a cross-back option. You can snag this design in five colors, ranging from rose pink to black.

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Knickey Tank Bralette (Sizes XXS-XXXL)

Knickey The Tank Bralette
Knickey The Tank Bralette $48.00

This bralette is a personal favorite of mine because it's almost entirely made out of organic cotton, and therefore breathable, which is especially good during the summer. During the hottest days, I actually wear my black one as a top with high-waisted skirts or shorts. I love the neckline of the Tank style, but Knickey makes four different styles, so take your pick.

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Only Hearts Whisper Colorblock Retro Bralette and Underwire Bra (Sizes S-L)

Only Hearts Whisper Colorblock Retro Bralette
Only Hearts Whisper Colorblock Retro Bralette $71.00
Only Hearts Whisper Underwire Bra
Only Hearts Whisper Underwire Bra $69.00

Only Hearts makes some of my favorite bras. They’re pricey, so if you're near one of their locations in New York or Los Angeles, I recommend going to try some styles on to be sure you love the brand as much as I do. Their pieces are all made in NYC and come in some really pretty designs—I especially love those using lace and mesh, including the Whisper collection. The color block bralette has triangle sheer netting cups with no padding or underwire, and there's also a sheer underwire style for those who want a bit more structure. Either way you go, you'll get a look that's alluring but not at all bulky or excessive.

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Parade Triangle Bralette (Sizes XS-3XL)

Parade Silky Mesh Triangle Bralette
Parade Silky Mesh Triangle Bralette $32.00

After some major initial success in the underwear category, Parade recently launched bras, and this triangle bralette is as effortless as it gets for those with small busts who want just enough support and coverage. They’re smooth and silky, and you’d never know they’re made out of recycled plastic, which Parade is known for. Get the matching bottoms and have a fun little set to wear under all your favorite outfits or simply for lounging around.

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Cuup The Balconette (Sizes 30A-38G)

Cuup The Balconette
Cuup The Balconette $68.00

Cuup makes beautiful bras in sizes ranging from A-H. I love this style’s elegant mesh cups and opaque seams. While it’s an underwire bra, it’s still comfortable, and if you like underwire, this is my favorite option out there. While I’ve had friends with much larger chests than mine tell me they wear and love this bra, this style works just as well on small busts.

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Cosabella Never Say Never Sweetie Bralette (Sizes S-XL)

Cosabella Never Say Never Sweetie Bralette
Cosabella Never Say Never Sweetie Bralette $56.00

I’ve owned a few Cosabella bras, and this one is my favorite. I love how pretty the stretchy lace is and, and with the matching bottoms, it makes me feel really put together even under clothes. It’s their bestseller, making this definitively one of the best bras for small busts.

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Negative Underwear Sieve Non-Wire Bra (Sizes A-DD)

Negative Underwear Sieve Non-Wire Bra
Negative Underwear Sieve Non-Wire Bra $60.00

I love Negative Underwear, and this bra is basically my ideal design for comfort. There's no underwire, it’s completely sheer, and it has a scooping front shape. Get the matching bottoms if you love coordination as much as I do.

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ThirdLove 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra (Sizes A-H)

ThirdLove 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra
ThirdLove 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra $65.00

This ThirdLove T-shirt bra features ultra-thin memory foam cups and flexible underwire, making the perfect durable everyday bra. I’d call it basic, but the pleated straps a special detail.

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Love, Vera Logo Bralette (Sizes S-3X)

Love, Vera Logo Bralette
Love, Vera Logo Bralette $32.00

This bra comes in four different nude tones and also is available to purchase with the matching boy short bottoms (a favorite style of mine). With a logo band and free of padding, wiring, and cups, this style checks all of my personal preferences. 

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La Sette The Sette (Sizes XS-XL)

La Sette The Sette
La Sette The Sette $195.00 $170.00

This is what I call a teeny tiny bra, and I love it. With lace triangle cups, it’s not only gorgeous but, per its name, it's a matching set.

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Baserange Mississippi Bra (Sizes XS-L)

Baserange Mississippi Bra
Baserange Mississippi Bra $59.00

I don’t know why I waited until now to discuss Baserange, which actually makes my heart flutter just writing about it. The brand's bralettes are a sustainable, non-lace option for those who want to be fancy but not too frilly. My favorite is the Mississippi style, and while I love the ones on their site (they’re as soft as butter), Garmentory has a patterned velvet style (with matching bottoms), which is absolutely beautiful. Think of your favorite tee—this is the bra version.

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Lonely Label Bonnie Softcup Bra (Sizes A-E)

Lonely Label Bonnie Softcup Bra
Lonely Label Bonnie Softcup Bra $90.00

Lonely Label has been my favorite lingerie brand for years: the lace is so soft and comes in a variety of fun, rich hues. I own this bra and matching briefs, and have worn them countless times. I love the statement lace and triangle cup, which has just enough support for me. Right now, it’s available on the brand's site in Mist or Black, but you can find colors like blush, tamarillo (red), pickle (the green color I own), and lemonade here. If you're a fan of wire cups, Lonely Label makes this style with underwire too, featuring the same style and vibrant color options.

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Pansy Bra (Sizes XS-XXL)

Pansy Bra
Pansy Bra $48.00

If you love cotton bras that are colorful, comfortable, and cool, Pansy's fan-favorite design may be your pick. The company makes all their products in California using 100% organic, USA-grown cotton. In fun colors like Lilac or Rust, you’ll be tempted to buy the matching bottoms. These breathable bras are great and my personal favorite is their most classic style. It doesn’t get more no-frills than that. 

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Love Stories Love Lace Bralette (Sizes A-D)

Love Stories Love Lace Bralette
Love Stories Love Lace Bralette $77.00

Probably the most luxurious on this list, Love Stories makes the type of bra for small busts you would want to wear for an occasion. My favorite style is the Love Lace Bralette, made of recycled yarns with a supportive elastic band, adjustable straps, and a hook closure that doesn't dig. My favorite is the detailing: the silky triangle cups feature scalloped sheer lace trim. It’s the macaron of bras, if you will.

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Savage x Fenty Cotton Essentials Bralette and Floral Lace and Mesh Bralette (Sizes XS-3X)

Savage X Fenty Cotton Essentials Bralette
Savage x Fenty Cotton Essentials Bralette $25.00
Savage X Fenty Floral Lace & Mesh Bralette
Savage x Fenty Floral Lace & Mesh Bralette $33.00

Savage x Fenty has a ton of bra options for smaller busts. I couldn’t decide so here are two styles. The first is 95% cotton with scalloped trim and two-layer coverage, but no padding or underwire. The scooped V-neck shape makes for the perfect bralette to peek out of a shirt or tank, with several colors and patterns to choose from. For those who want something a bit more intimate, this lace and mesh bra made with recycled fibers is unlined, wireless, and comfortable. I love the triangle shape for full coverage and just the right amount of support, and it comes in three colors: caviar. lavender, and acid lime (with the option of matching cheeky or thong bottoms).  

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Else Honeycomb Triangle Soft Bra (Sizes XS-XL)

Else Honeycomb Triangle Soft Bra
Else Honeycomb Triangle Soft Bra $100.00

Else’s bras for small busts look like they should be hanging on a satin hanger in a Parisian lingerie shop. I love the Honeycomb style, which is not too frilly but super dainty and sexy. I would categorize this as a special occasion bra since it’s pretty delicate and should be hand-washed (unlike cotton styles, which you can throw in with your regular laundry). 

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Anine Bing Lace Bra with Trim and Cora Ribbed Bra Top(Sizes XS-L)

Anine Bing Lace Bra with Trim
Anine Bing Lace Bra with Trim $89.00
Anine Bing Cora Ribbed Bra Top
Anine Bing Cora Ribbed Bra Top $89.00

You may know Anine Bing for ready-to-wear, but the lingerie should not be missed. While it’s on the pricier side as far as bralettes go, I’m a big fan of two bra styles: the Lace Bra and the Cora Ribbed Bra Top. The lace bra is one of those special pieces, and the delicate, soft-cup style is certainly made for those with small chests. It would be perfect peeking out from a tank or shirt (and you’ll want to show it off). I personally think the Cora Bra could be worn as a top as well, perhaps with an unbuttoned shirt overtop. The v-neck, ribbed style has a modern, cool appeal, and the ribbing is soft (not scratchy) to keep you comfortable. 

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Niidor Self Adhesive Bra (Sizes A-F)

Niidor Self Adhesive Bra
Niidor Self Adhesive Bra $15.00

A bit different than the dainty styles I’ve been listing, this bra is the only one I’ll wear for strapless occasions. That, or nipple petals. A strapless bra is the least comfortable thing to me—the unnecessary digging and padding when I just want a little bit of coverage and shaping. This Amazon find does everything I need it to without the discomfort, and if cared for correctly, you can wear it many times. The only caveat is too much sweat will make it unstick.

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Skin Organic Gretal Bandeau (Sizes XS-L)

Skin Organic Gretal Bandeau
Skin Organic Gretal Bandeau $45.00

Another strapless bra for small busts that I love the look, feel, and support of is this bandeau from Skin. Bandeaus can create the “uniboob” effect, but a gathered center gives just the right amount of shaping. 91% organic pima cotton, this bra is comfortable and breathable, and most importantly, the supportive elastic at the top and bottom keeps everything in place.

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Alo Yoga Airlift Intrigue Bra (Sizes XS-L)

Alo Yoga Airlift Intrigue Bra
Alo Yoga Airlift Intrigue Bra $54.00

This is my favorite sports bra. To be honest, I often wear cotton bralettes if I’m being active (Knickey is a favorite), but this Alo Yoga bra is great for a full workout. With a small bust, I don’t need thick, tight straps across my shoulders and back, preferring adjustable spaghetti straps like these. Occasionally sports bras hit too low on my ribcage, too, and this one hits in the perfect spot.

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Hanky Panky Trésor Bralette (Sizes XS-L)

Hanky Panky Trésor Bralette
Hanky Panky Trésor Bralette $90.00

Hanky Panky was the first bra I ever loved, back in high school when I hid the brand's thongs from my mom. I owned one with a really thick band, which isn't my personal preference, but I wore it anyway because it was so beautiful. Enter the Trésor Bralette, which is what I call a pajama bra: comfy enough to sleep in with delicate stretch lace and lining. I’ll always have a soft spot for Hanky Panky.

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Richer Poorer Classic Bralette (Sizes XS-XL)

Richer Poorer Classic Bralette
Richer Poorer Classic Bralette $34.00

Speaking of pajama bras, I sometimes wear this as a top to bed with the matching boxer briefs. A pullover style (no digging clasp so great for laying down), unpadded, and wire-free with a soft cotton-blend. It’s the perfect bra for even the no-bra wearers.

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Pepper Mesh All You Bra (Sizes 30AA-38B)

Pepper Mesh All You Bra
Pepper Mesh All You Bra $50.00

Pepper is a company that specializes in bras for small busts (AA-B). Their Mesh All You Bra is their bestseller, and I love how fun the limited edition Beam colorway looks. It’s an underwire bra with their trademark Authentic Lift: a design that hugs and lifts your curves like a pair of stretchy yoga pants. Sign me up. 

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Mary Young Contrast Bra (Sizes XS-L)

Mary Young Contrast Bra
Mary Young Contrast Bra $68.00

Something about Mary Young's bras for small busts makes you feel best-dressed even when nobody can see them (unless you choose to wear yours showing, which I don’t blame you for). The Montreal-based brand makes products ethically using certified materials, and the wide triangle cups of this style have no padding or underwire. The mesh border adds the perfect edge to such a classic everyday bra.

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Arq Full Coverage Bra (Sizes S-3X)

Arq Full Coverage Bra
Arq Full Coverage Bra $38.00

I was first acquainted with Arq when I saw the brand's Crop Tank all over Instagram at the start of the pandemic. Other than those tanks (which, by the way, are great), I love the Full Coverage Bra, and not just because it comes in countless fun colors (and matching bottoms to make a set). These bras are made of 92% organic cotton, so they're breathable and great for hot days. It’s a sporty shape without the discomfort that's prevalent in many sports bras for small busts. It could also easily be worn as a top on hot summer days, which you’ll probably want to do once you try it on.

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Araks Yanelis Bralette (Sizes XS-L)

Araks Yanelis Bralette
Araks Yanelis Bralette $120.00 $70.00

I've loved these color-blocked bras since I saw them on Instagram a while back. Araks makes a ton of styles in different colors, but I strongly recommend these incredibly cool styles that are made in the USA using cotton crepe with a silk insert. And don’t sleep on the matching bottoms. You certainly won’t want to cover up this set with clothes.

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Tove Seren Bra (Sizes S-L)

Tove Seren Bra
Tove Studio Seren Bra $105.00

For a luxurious feel, I come to you with Tove’s delicate silk satin bra (peep the bloomer-esque underwear, too). It’s wireless bra with soft triangle cups, gold clip fastening, and adjustable straps. Have you ever slept in silk or satin sheets? Me neither, but I imagine this is what that feels like. This incredibly dainty, luxurious style is meant to be seen, even if it’s just you staring at it in the mirror (which you will). 

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