The Most Mesmerizing Braid Tutorials on YouTube

It's Braid Week here at Byrdie HQ, and for a full five days, we've got braids on the brain. Whether you’re looking for new festival hair trends, wedding look inspo, or just jonesing to scroll through something pretty, you’ll get your braid-centric fix in this column. Enjoy!

YouTube never fails to provide us with endless amounts of inspiration, entertainment, and, well, whatever this is. On the beauty front, it’s easy to get lost watching people sculpt cheekbones from thin air, turn themselves into Angelina Jolie, and deftly create the most intricate hairstyles. In honor of Braid Week, we’re highlighting the most jaw-dropping, downright mesmerizing braid tutorials ahead for your viewing (and perhaps copying) pleasure. Elastics ready? Keep scrolling for the best braid tutorials on YouTube!

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