The Best Bottom-Lash Mascaras Because You're All Set Up Top

So, we have a love-hate relationship with bottom lashes. Wearing mascara is a commitment in itself, but applying a formula to our lower lid is a whole other ball game. The smudging and smearing that inevitably happen do not do lower lashes justice, with runny mascara quickly turning into what we'll affectionately call raccoon eyes. It tends to happen most frequently after a long day or a night out, then you catch yourself in the mirror and realize all the mascara on your lower lashes has fallen underneath your eyes and created the unsightly look of dark circles. (It's okay, though—we've all been there.) But the payoff when lower lashes are done right? Unparalleled.

To avoid the dreaded scenarios above, it's best to stick with waterproof, non-budge mascaras that can stand the test of time under any conditions. Still, applying mascara to your lower lashes is an art form, and most of the work comes from the brush. To make things easier in your journey to find the best bottom-lash mascara (or two) for you, we've rounded up seven that are proven to treat both sets of your lashes right. After all, your lower lashes need love too.