The 10 Best Bodysuits of 2022

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When it comes to bodysuits, there are two kinds of people: those who can’t get enough of them, and those who tried them once and thought never again. Finding a bodysuit that works for your body type, lifestyle, and sense of style is no easy feat, and unlike a lot of types of clothing, an ill-fitting or not-quite-right bodysuit can be seriously uncomfortable. Alternatively, a well-made, body-hugging bodysuit can be an incredibly versatile wardrobe staple. If you’re new to bodysuits (or just trying to find one that works for you), there are a few things to keep in mind.

Byrdie Researched & Approved

SKIMS has become renowned in fashion for its practical and effective shapewear and shapewear-inspired garb, not the least of which impressive is the Fits Everybody Square Neck Bodysuit. It has garnered so many positive reviews online and been named as a top pick by fellow publications such as The NY Post, Women's Wear Daily, and Glamour. For a lighter, less compressive bodysuit, there's the brand's Cotton Jersey T-Shirt Bodysuit and Free People's Meant To Be style.

First: There’s the fabric to consider, which is something clothing designers have to think about a lot when making bodysuits, as well.  “It has to be lightweight and super soft for something that is close to the skin,” says Katie Lopes, co-founder of undergarment brand Stripe & Stare. She notes that stretch is important as well (Stripe & Stare uses biodegradable elastics, making them a bit unique in the bodysuit space). After ensuring the proper fit, the possibilities are truly endless—depending on your style and silhouette preferences.

Read on for the best bodysuits available according to our testing and research.

Best Overall: SKIMS Fits Everybody Square Neck Bodysuit

SKIMs Fits Everybody Square Neck Bodysuit

Who else recommends it? The New York Post, Women's Wear Daily, and Glamour all picked the SKIMS Square Neck Bodysuit.

What do buyers say? 400+ Nordstrom reviewers rated this product 4.4 stars or above.

If there’s any brand (or founder) that’s famous for bodysuits, it’s probably Kim Kardashian’s lingerie and loungewear brand SKIMS. SKIMS’ Fits Everybody Square Neck Bodysuit is one of the brand’s most popular bodysuits, made with double-layered fabric, a square neckline, and a thong back. With 365 reviews and an average rating of 4.8 stars, you can tell that people really love it. Many bodysuits can feel a little exposed, but this one is reviewed as compressive and supportive, while still disappearing underpants and skirts.

Fabric: 79% nylon, 21% spandex | Colors: Talc, Dusk, Moonstone, Plum, Rose Clay +9 skin tones | Size Range: XXS-4X

Best Value: ReoRia Racer Back Halter Neck Bodysuit

Amazon High-Neck Bodysuit

This particular Amazon-famous bodysuit has been reviewed more than 10,000 times (the majority of which are 5-star reviews). With so many different colors and fabric makeup that’s very similar to other, more expensive bodysuits, it’s easy to understand why this affordable bodysuit is one of the most popular on Amazon right now.

Fabric: 75% nylon, 25% spandex | Colors: Black, White, Olive Green, Gray Green, Burgundy, Pink, Deep Blue +more | Size Range: XS-XXL 

Best T-Shirt: SKIMS Stretch Cotton Jersey T-Shirt Bodysuit

SKIMS Stretch Cotton Jersey T-Shirt Bodysuit


For a form-fitting T-shirt-style bodysuit, SKIMs is the way to go. T-shirt bodysuits are some of the most versatile options, as they give the illusion of a perfectly tucked-in T-shirt (no pulling or bunching necessary). This one features a crew neckline, a thong back, and cotton material with just the tiniest bit of stretch for comfort.

Fabric: 90% cotton, 10% spandex | Colors: Bone, Light Heather Grey, Mineral, Kyanite, Soot, Rose Clay, Iris Mica | Size Range: XXS-4X

What Our Editors Say

"I have a curvier body type and felt like [this bodysuit] accentuated my features without making me feel like a caged sausage. I'm 5-foot-3 and since the torso area was pretty long, I didn't feel like it was too tight at the bottom; It was snug but not uncomfortable." Daniela Galvez, Commerce Editor

Best Black: Madewell Tank Thong Bodysuit



The recurring theme in the many positive customer reviews of this bodysuit is the quality of the design and fabric. "Inspired by a dancer's leotard," this option offers a soft, stretchy construction and thong bottom, meaning no visible panty lines—an essential in your closet you can wear over and over again.

Fabric: 56% cotton, 38% polyamide, 6% elastane | Colors: True Black, Heather Smoke, Lighthouse | Size Range: XXS-XXL 

Best Long Sleeve: Stripe & Stare Biodegradable Body Suit

Stripe & Stare Biodegradable Body Suit

For an eco-friendly, sustainable option (as well as just a top-notch long-sleeve bodysuit), this bodysuit from Stripe & Stare is where it’s at. It also has adorable lace detail around the bottom that you don’t see in every bodysuit.

Fabric: 71% TENCEL™ Micro Modal, 19% SeaCell, 10% Roica V550 | Colors: White, Black | Size Range: XS-1X

Best Blouse: Free People Meant To Be Bodysuit

Free People Meant To Be Bodysuit

You’ve never seen a bodysuit that looks quite like this. This blouse-style bodysuit is form-fitting around the torso, staying “tucked into” pants or a skirt and allowing the billowy, puffy sleeves to really shine.

Fabric: 98% polyester, 2% elastane | Colors: Cherry Chai, Black | Size Range: XS-XL 

Best Turtleneck: Spanx Suit Yourself Turtleneck Bodysuit



Spanx is, of course, famous for its quality shapewear, so you know that this bodysuit is going to hug and cling in all the right places. We also love the Pebble and Clay colorways which offer other neutral choices if you want to stray away from classic black or white.

Fabric: 77% polyester, 23% elastane; 100% cotton gusset | Colors: Classic Black, White, Pebble, Clay | Size Range: XS-3X

Best Basic: Wild Fable Square Neck Spaghetti Strap Bodysuit



This super affordable, very stretchy bodysuit has a full-coverage back and snap buttons along the crotch. Some people might find snaps less comfortable (since there is a chance a snap randomly pops open as you walk down the street), but it also means you don't have to take the entire item off to go to the bathroom. For just around $10, this positively reviewed bodysuit is a winner.

Fabric: 58% cotton, 38% polyester, 4% spandex | Colors: White, Black, Camel, Grape | Size Range: XS-XL 

Best Corset: Abercrombie Seamless Corset Bodysuit

Abercrombie Seamless Corset Bodysuit

Corset-style tops are trending right now, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon—so why not get one in bodysuit form? This option from Abercrombie is sleek and subtle (no Victorian-style corset here) while still being sexy. Some reviewers say to size up and Abercrombie's bodysuits are longer than most which mean they could be a good match if you have a long torso.

Fabric: 88% nylon, 12% elastane | Colors: Black, Cream | Size Range: XXS-XL 

Best Faux Leather: Good American Better Than Leather High-Neck Body


Good American

Who says all bodysuits have to look the same? This edgy faux leather bodysuit from Good American is a perfect example of how you can find unique, visually interesting bodysuits that are much more than just layering pieces—if you know where to look.

Fabric: 100% polyurethane | Colors: Black, Taupe, Bronze Snake | Size Range: XS-5X

Meet the Expert

Katie Lopes and Nicola Piercy are the founders of sustainable intimates brand Stripe & Stare.

What to Look for in a Bodysuit


Perhaps the number one quality of a bodysuit that makes it different from other items is just how form-fitting it is. No matter what style you buy, the material is going to sit right next to your skin. That’s why Lopes says looking for a bodysuit in a material that feels just right for you (and the climate you live in) is key. 

"Our bodysuits use our signature Tencel fibers combined with SeaCell (made from seaweed!) with biodegradable elastics for the stretch," says Lopes. "The natural fibers mean our bodysuit breathes with the skin so it is great for extra warmth, but it won’t overheat you.”

Being overheated in a bodysuit is never, ever fun, so focusing on breathable fabrics could save you a lot of discomfort (and sweat) later on.

Proper Fit

Additionally, the right size is key when shopping for a bodysuit. You'll need to assess the length of the piece measured against the length of your torso. Sometimes a bodysuit will fit great width-wise but is either too long or too short in length. If it's too short, it will feel tight and uncomfortable, and if too long, you may not get that form-fitting look you were hoping to achieve.

  • What is a bodysuit?

    By definition, a bodysuit is a “one-piece form-fitting or skin-tight garment that covers the torso and the crotch.” For all you visual learners out there: Picture a one-piece swimsuit that’s designed so that zero seams show in the bottom half of the suit (this is why so many bodysuits have thong backs). The purpose of a bodysuit is to give the illusion of a completely seamless, perfectly tucked-in, and in-place shirt. Usually, bodysuits have a snap-close crotch that allows for easy removal for bathroom trips, but some are one continuous piece of fabric.

  • Do you wear underwear with a bodysuit?

    If you’re curious about bodysuits but still wondering what kind of undergarments to wear with them, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Lopes says that it seems to be about a 50/50 split in terms of wearing underwear versus not wearing underwear with a bodysuit—at least in her office.

    If you Google around, there seems to be no official rule for whether or not wearing underwear with a bodysuit is a no-no or not, but Jene Luciana, author of The Bra Book, did tell Well+Good in an interview that “underwear with bodysuits is totally unnecessary and defeats the purpose." Plus, a cotton gusset (a feature on many bodysuits, but not all–so it’s worth looking out for) should keep things, um...breathable down there. In conclusion, do what makes you comfortable. 

  • How can you style a bodysuit?

    When it comes to styling, it’s totally up to you. “We love them under a [sweater], but our favorite of all is with an oversized blazer and blue denim,” says Lopes.

    Most people wear bodysuits as a layering piece, but the possibilities are endless depending on your style and comfort level. And contrary to popular belief, not every outfit featuring a bodysuit has to be ultra sexy. 

    Curious about more ways to style bodysuits? Check out Byrdie's bodysuit outfit ideas, or Crystal Coon’s tips for styling plus-size bodysuits

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