If You Were Hooked on Love Spell, You'll Love These Elevated Body Sprays

I spent the majority of my teen years doused in either Bath and Body Works body sprays—specifically Cucumber Melon (summer) or Warm Vanilla Sugar (winter). Naturally, I combined them with the coordinating lotions. It was not what you would call a subtle scent profile. I'm willing to bet that you likely had a similar experience once upon a time—but it's time to reevaluate our relationship with body sprays. They don't have to feel twee or like a watered-down perfume.

The 2018 iteration of body spray is more grown-up. Think featherlight scents that offer a touch of fragrance without being full-on perfume, allowing you to mist with abandon. Some of them even boast skincare benefits. Sold? Here—we found the best body sprays.