11 of the Best Body Shimmers Because Fenty's Body Lava Is Sold Out

Summer is just around the corner, and with the burgeoning sunlight comes our need for a little shimmer. We've tried practically every highlighter for our faces and are now moving on to our bodies. There's something magical about adding a bit of glow to our arms, legs, collarbones, and shoulders—it's romantic-feeling, like walking around in candlelight all the time. 

We tried and fell in love with Fenty's Body Lava—a high-shine body veil that glistens in the most alluring of ways. Rihanna created it, after all. But since it's sold out (and we've already added our names to the waiting list), we thought it'd be prudent to research a few other options. There are lotions, oils, and serum hybrids, all of which will sufficiently highlight your body like you do your cheekbones. Below, find our favorites.