The Best Body Scrubs to Soothe and Smooth Your Dry Winter Skin

Skincare isn’t just reserved for the face. And when it comes to your body, smooth, healthy, exfoliated skin is always in season. When harsh winter weather takes its toll, sloughing off dead skin cells helps make your moisturizing efforts more effective and keeps dry skin at bay. Even in hotter months, proper exfoliation can be the difference between tired skin and a radiant complexion. So before slathering on moisturizers to quench dehydrated skin, you want to exfoliate with a body scrub to clear away rough patches and lifeless skin and make way for a clean canvas that will be more receptive to your oils and lotions. There are a great number of head-to-toe scrubs on the market to soothe and smooth dry skin. We’ve rounded up some of the best body scrubs below so you’re sure to find one that vibes with your beauty routine.