14 Top-Rated Body Lotions That Will Fix Your Scaly Skin Problem



Dry skin certainly isn't limited to the winter months, but the cold temps tend to exacerbate the chronic condition. (Though, anyone with eczema and psoriasis can attest that flare-ups can occur even in the dead of summer.) Typically, the first course of action is to reach for the closest lotion and slather it on. This might give you short-term relief, but to keep itchiness, flakiness, and scaliness at bay, you'll have to use a heavier-duty body moisturizer on a regular basis. With that in mind, we've rounded up the top-rated intense body lotions that are meant to repair dry and damaged skin. From calming formulas to hydration powerhouses, each pick has a particular strength, so check out our list below and choose the right one for your skin.