FYI: Priceline Sells 1900 Units of This Body Moisturiser Every Week

Updated 10/22/18
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We’ll admit it, we could spend hours clicking our way through Priceline’s latest online offerings. And ducking in after work to grab toothpaste almost always results in three new mascaras and a fresh lipstick. The health and beauty retail giant is a mecca of tried-and-true drugstore favourites, plus has those cult products that we tell all our friends about (colleagues, neighbours, and Pilates instructors included). But every so often, we stumble upon a gem that nobody has heard of but everyone is apparently using.

Blackmores is probably known to most as a vitamin brand, but it also offers a body product that is seemingly flying off shelves at breakneck speed. So much so that 1900 bottles are selling every single week. It’s a body moisturiser packed full of avocado oil, apricot oil, and the hero ingredient of vitamin E to transform scaly winter skin. And at only $11 a pop, you’ll want one for every handbag (and maybe the car as well).

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Blackmores Natural Vitamin E Cream $11

Blackmores Vitamin E Cream is apparently an undercover skin hero. The cream is formulated without artificial colours or fragrance, so it’s perfect if you’re someone with skin that is easily irritated. It’s quite thick too, so works a treat on rough areas such as knees, elbows, and cracked heels. The inclusion of vitamin E is a major win when it comes to glowing, even-toned skin no matter the season. If you’re really stuck, it also makes for a great cuticle cream (because torn cuticles are a painful part of winter).

Massage a little of the cream into any dry, ragged bits before tissuing off the excess. It’s essentially a great all-rounder that is a saviour for any dry skin moment. Basically, if you’re looking for a do-everything winter body cream, Blackmores seem to have you covered with its $11 drugstore favourite.

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