Better Than Facetune: These 13 Blurring Primers Are Basically Filters IRL

There's an app for almost everything these days, though we play favorites for whichever will deliver piping hot Thai or Italian right to our door in an hour (translation: whenever we're mildly or not so mildly hungover). However, in not-so-far-off second, we appreciate any app that will make our 4:30 p.m. under-eyes look a little less crease-like and our 24/7 pores look a little less crater-like (translation: the godsend that is Facetune). Now, if only there were a way to bring that same instantaneous blurring magic to our phone-tapping and brush-holding, makeup-applying fingertips. Oh wait, we can.

While makeup lovers everywhere tend to be aggressively divided on the topic of primers and whether or not they are, in fact, worth the time and money, we'd like to think it all comes down to formula. A tricky endeavor indeed. First, there's skin type and texture to take into account (what works for a friend might be disastrous on us), the rest of our makeup (powders? liquids? gels?), and last but not least, our end goal (mattifying, blurring, hydrating, the list goes on).

Not surprisingly, things can go awry relatively quickly, and pretty soon the quest for a complexion-changing primer can turn into a nightmare fit for Elm Street. So we thought we'd do some of the dirty work for you—undertaking the essential nit-picky product testing and photo-taking fire drills necessary to deem which blurring primers are A) the best and B) worthy of your time, money, and stunning makeup job. Ahead, 13 of the best blurring primers that have converted Team Byrdie to Team Primer and simultaneously made us less dependent on our Facetune smoothing technique. Keep scrolling!