15 Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses for Spicing Up Screen Time

These might even get you excited for yet another Zoom call.

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It’s true, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, “there is no scientific evidence that the light coming from computer screens is damaging to the eyes.” But reframing blue light blocking glasses from an instant remedy to a step in a healthy digital routine can be helpful. Wearing them at night can lessen disruptive blue light from screens your body associates with being awake. The more holistic approach would be committing to cutting out screens a few hours before bed, but for work from home days that bleed into binge-watching at night, these glasses might offer some comfort.

Even more effective is recasting blue-light-blocking glasses as a practical solution to a veritable fashion accessory. Screens are exhausting! Zoom meetings are famously mundane. Whether you’re balancing a hybrid schedule or still making a desk out of your kitchen table, consider blue-light-blocking glasses as a grown up back-to-school gift to yourself. They may not be necessary, but they can be incredibly chic. Read on for fifteen blue light blocking glasses with the capability to transform your WFH look.

Tortoiseshell Square Glasses
Zenni Tortoiseshell Square Glasses $29.95

Leave it to Iris Apfel to edit a collection for Zenni with blue-light-blocking glasses so outfit-making you'll be tempted to wear them out the door.

Gunnar Ellipse $69.99

Drawing inspiration from the original academic, Harry Potter, these circular lenses are tinted amber to double up on blue-light-blocking power.

Just Picture Victorian Bae
The Book Club Just Picture Victorian Bae $40.00

Go for an oversized look that doubles as a headband to push back unruly hair. If you're considering blue light glasses as accessories, they become incredibly useful.

Diff Summer $88.00

Punctuate any outfit, even if the bottom half is a pair of sweatpants, with these cool green glasses. The sturdy frames are the perfect distraction from any WFH uniform.

The Maestro
Privé Revaux The Maestro $30.00

This option comes in lots of colors, and at this price point, why not keep a few colorways as options for big meetings and late-night scrolling?

Laurel Blue Light Readers
Look Laurel Blue Light Readers $78.00

If clear frames are more your speed, try these from Look. The frames are oversized, but paired with the subtlety of the clear frame, the look feels very modern.

Unisex Stylish Aviator
Blue Cut Store Unisex Stylish Aviator $19.99

Keen on channeling your inner '70s while filing boring reports? Try out this affordable pair of blue-light-blocking glasses in gold or gunmetal.

Makani Blue Light Glasses
Sunski Makani Blue Light Glasses $58.00

This rounded, polarized pair is extra charming with a cat eye detail. It comes in tortoise or this sienna burnt orange coloring.

EyeBuyDirect Sixto $35.00

On the occasion that bigger truly is better, embrace the nostalgia of these totally unique frames from EyeBuyDirect. Paired with loafers and a button up, you're practically dressed for orientation.

Peepers Mogul $27.00

Aptly named "Mogul," these frames exude authority. Plus, they filter over 40% of visible blue light. The result? The ideal combination for video calls and online shopping alike.

Carrot Phoenix $69.00

These simple round frames are ideal for tying a look together. The illusive coloring feels versatile enough to pair with almost any wardrobe.

Warby Parker Alston $145.00

Keep things interesting in this retro pair from Warby Parker. The brand offers the additional blue-light-filtering to any of their glasses, so the options really are endless.

Ocean Blue
Genusee Ocean Blue $170.00

Feel good about your blue light glasses when purchasing from Genusee, a brand creating sustainable eyewear out of post-consumer recycled (rPET) water bottles in Flint, Michigan.

Peep Eyewear Sindy $80.00

Looking for a way to get excited about an online conference in the middle of the week? Look no further than these stylish frames from Peep Eyewear, a company that offers vintage frames fit with your personal prescription.

Modernist Scout Reading Glasses
Caddis Modernist Scout Reading Glasses $129.00

These modernized aviators come in rose gold, grey, and black—all with correspondingly tinted lenses. They're nice and big without feeling too playful. It is working hours, after all.

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