Sachajuan's Co-Founder Gave Me a Blowout That Survived 104-Degree Heat

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As I've admitted before, I'm not one to spend a lot of time styling my hair. On an average day, I'll let my hair air-dry after showering, possibly add a touch of hair oil in before it's completely dry to combat frizz, and spritz in a bit of wave spray somewhere along the way to encourage some texture and volume. Rarely do I touch a hair straightener, and even when I do the results are just so-so—the sleek straight look is essentially eliminated the moment I tuck my hair behind my ear or put it up in a ponytail.

My hair naturally has a slight wave and tons of memory, and so far this low-lift method to hairstyling (oil, spritz, air-dry and go) has served me okay. But just okay. I don't look like I just rolled out of bed, but my hair hardly looks styled and put-together. Get someone else's hands on my hair though, and I'm all for a real blowout—however many tools and styling products necessary.

So when I had the opportunity to sit down with Sacha Mitic—top hairstylist and co-founder of the covetable Swedish haircare line Sachajuan—to get the sleekest blowout of my life, I took careful note of every product and technique he used every step of the way. As we chatted about everything from the human tendency to change their beauty look to authentic Japanese sushi, Mitic worked my strands into stick-straight perfection. It was 104˚F in L.A. that day (and I even took a 20-minute walk in the heat shortly after leaving the salon) but still, my sleek straight hair survived the weather—and three subsequent yoga classes (and consequently getting tied up in a bun) and seven showers.

Mitic had even given me a middle part, a look I rarely dabble in, and even after continued wear, not a single strand tried to rebel and return to my usual side-part. Each day I continued to receive compliments for my smooth, straight hair, and it wasn't until day four that it even began to show any wave.

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Mitic kindly broke down each step of the miraculous blowout so I can do my best to attempt to replicate it at home. The only tools used were a hairdryer, hairbrush, and hair straightener. The rest of the formula was in the products, which he added in careful increments, always erring on the side of less.

Keep scrolling to discover the exact steps and products responsible for my sleek-straight hair (that lasted four days and survived 104˚F heat).

1. Apply Mousse to the Roots and Comb Through Hair

Hair Mousse
Sachajuan Hair Mousse $31.00

Once my hair was washed, Mitic applied mousse to my roots while combing my hair into a middle part. He explained that in Sweden, they're often working with quite fine hair and thinner textures. "We developed a technique where we try to get more texture and volume to it." He underscored the importance of combing out toward the length of the strands so that the product was dispersed evenly throughout. "Our product is based on a very light scale, so it's more about building the texture rather than having very strong products," he noted. "When it comes to fine hair, it's really delicate in a way, so if you put in too strong a product it just gets too sticky and you can't really move it." He worked product in little by little as he blow-dried my hair in sections, continuing to brush through for uniform distribution.

2. Work Styling Cream Into Roots, Blow-Drying in Sections

Styling Cream
Sachajuan Styling Cream $32.00

As he blow-dried my hair in sections, he applied a light amount of styling cream, combing out toward the length of the strands again, much as he did with the mousse. He continued to do this as my hair began to dry more and more, working in minute applications of the product so as not to overdo it.

3. Apply Shine Serum Close to the Ends of Strands

Shine Serum
Sachajuan Shine Serum $33.00

Next, he added a touch of shine serum away from the root, focusing on the ends of strands then brushing through for distribution. 

4. Use a Straightening Spray and Heat Protectant

Women's Straight and Shine Spray
Sachajuan Straight and Shine Spray $33.00

Before flat ironing my already-straight strands, Mitic gently sprayed Sachajuan's Straight and Shine Spray, which provides a light hold to keep strands straight and also doubles as a heat protectant.

5. Mist With Hairspray

hair spray
Sachajuan Hairspray Light and Flexible $35.00

As a second-to-last step, Mitic lightly sprayed hairspray onto my sleek stick-straight strands, holding the bottle at such an angle that only a light mist grazed my hair—just enough to ensure strands stayed put without weighing down the look. As the final step, he applied just a touch of his newest product, Matt Wax ($31) to tame flyaways.

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