Editor-Approved: 9 Black Eyeliners That Won’t Budge

When it comes to makeup products that don’t disappoint, black eyeliner tops our list. It’s the one product that takes us from day to night (despite running down our faces when we drink too much merlot and watch The Amazing Race), and for most of us, a daily makeup staple (in fact, one of our writers calls it her ultimate security blanket). We trust it wholeheartedly to stay in place and define our eyes—except when, well, it doesn’t. Sadly, every woman has experienced the horror of looking in the mirror and seeing smudged panda eyes in place of her once-sleek liner. That’s why we’re sharing nine liners that will never put you in that position. All of these black liners have been swiped, tested, and approved by our team of editors, so you can rest assured they’ll stay in place all day (and night.) Keep scrolling for nine black eyeliners that won’t budge!