The 12 Best Bike Shorts of 2023

With picks from Girlfriend Collective, Nike, and more

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Best Bike Shorts for Women

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Bike shorts are now ubiquitous in the worlds of fitness and fashion. Whether you like to wear them while streaming a ride, prefer in-person spin classes, or rock them while logging real miles outside on the trails, this active staple has a place in every cycler's closet. "Bike shorts offer a layer of protection between your body and the saddle," says Kourtney Danielson, co-founder of Cinch Cycling. "Well-fitting cycling shorts will prevent chafing, numbness, and overall discomfort so you can ride harder and longer."

According to certified personal trainer Dianna Falzarano, the form-fitting design helps "increase the amount of oxygen your body is receiving by increasing pressure (compression) to your glutes and thighs." Plus, they make excellent athleisure wear.

We conducted hours of research on the best bike shorts, evaluating them on moisture-wicking abilities, fit and inclusivity of sizing, and how well they stay up, among other features. After consulting with a cycling expert, coach, and personal trainer, and considering dozens of options, we landed on these top-rated choices.

Best Overall

Aerie OFFLINE Real Me 7" Crossover Bike Short

Aerie OFFLINE Real Me Crossover 7" Bike Short

Courtesy of Aerie

When you're looking for a pair of bike shorts you can wear everywhere from the gym to running errands, you can't go wrong with this figure-flattering pair from Aerie featuring a v-shaped waistband. The crossover waist gives an hourglass effect, and in basic black, you can wear these again and again in a variety of ways, including for your workouts or underneath a dress. The fabric is lightweight and smooth against your skin, and yet these stay up through squats and lunges. They're also a relatively inexpensive option, so you can stock up with a few pairs.

Price at time of publish: $35

Material: 88% nylon, 12% elastane | Size Range: XXS–XXL | Colors: Black | Fit: True to size

Best Budget

TheMogan Mid Thigh Kite Cotton Biker Short Leggings

TheMogan Bike Short


TheMogan proves you don't need to spend a lot to get a high-quality, functional pair of bike shorts. In an array of colors, this pair hits at mid-thigh and stays up through cycling, squats, and more. The lightweight cotton-spandex blend keeps you cool and holds up through endless washing.

Price at time of publish: $11

Material: 95% cotton, 5% spandex | Size Range: S-XL | Colors: Various | Fit: Runs small

Best Size Range

Girlfriend Collective High-Rise Bike Short

Girlfriend Collective Black High-Rise Pocket Bike Short

Girlfriend Collective

"Girlfriend Collective is an amazing option for bike shorts," Portland-based fitness instructor Jamaica Mehr tells Byrdie. Made from recycled water bottles and available in an admirable 11 sizes, the high-rise design promises to never ride up. Along with being sustainably made, it's also a long-lasting option that won't wear out or fade over time.

Price at time of publish: $48

Material: RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), spandex | Size Range: XXS–6XL | Colors: Various | Fit: Runs small

Best Sweat-Wicking

Under Armour Women's HeatGear Armour Mid-Rise Middy Shorts

Under Armour Women's HeatGear Armour Mid-Rise Middy Shorts

Courtesy of Amazon

Looking for something that'll keep you dry on the road? You should definitely consider Under Armour's HeatGear Middy Shorts. The lightweight fabric provides superior compression for tummy control without constricting your core (similar to compression leggings), plus it draws sweat away from your body and dries impressively fast. The quality is great on this pair, ensuring the vibrant color shade won't fade in the wash.

Price at time of publish: $30

Material: Polyester, elastane | Size Range: S–XXL | Colors: Black, red, navy, royal blue, charcoal, gray | Fit: Runs large

Best Mid-Rise

Nike Women's Sportswear Essential Bike Shorts

Nike Women's Sportswear Essential Bike Shorts


This pair from Nike is perfect for those who prefer a mid-rise waistband. Made from a cotton-blend fabric, the Essential Bike Shorts are pleasantly stretchy and moisture-wicking to keep you dry, cool, and comfy on your ride.

Price at time of publish: $35

Material: Cotton, polyester, spandex | Size Range: XXS–XXL | Colors: Black, green, lilac, blue, heather gray | Fit: Runs small

Best for Biking Outdoors

P.E Nation Momentum Bike Shorts

P.E Nation Momentum Bike Shorts

Courtesy of Nordstrom

For outdoor workouts or excursions, slip into a pair of Momentum Bike Shorts. Made from a blend of recycled nylon, elastane, and Lycra, they're engineered to move with your body while supporting speed and efficiency.

Price at time of publish: $75

Material: Recycled nylon, lycra, elastane | Size Range: XXS–XL | Colors: Multi | Fit: True to size

Best for Distance

Castelli Prima Short

Castelli Prima Short

Courtesy of Castelli

"Castelli is a popular and sleek Italian brand that works well for me," says Danielson. Woven from high-quality Lycra and featuring a breathable, padded chamois, the Prima Short is designed to help you go the extra mile.

Price at time of publish: $100

Material: Lycra | Size Range: XS-XL | Colors: Black, navy, charcoal | Fit: True to size

Best for Indoor Cycling

Bandier All Access High Waisted Center Stage Biker Short

Bandier All Access High Waisted Center Stage Biker Short

Courtesy of Bandier

Whether you attend boutique spin classes or bike in your living room, Bandier's Center Stage Shorts have you covered on your next ride. The seamless design offers light sculpting, and the silky-smooth, quick-drying fabric feels incredible against your skin.

Price at time of publish: $80

Material: Nylon, spandex | Size Range: XXS–3XL | Colors: Black, pink | Fit: Runs small

Best for Cross-Training

Lululemon Wunder Train High-Rise Short 6"

Lululemon Wunder Train High-Rise Short 6"


Falzarano and Mehr both speak highly of Lululemon's Wunder Train Shorts, which are great for HIIT and other cross-training workouts. "They have good compression and have good options for lengths," notes Mehr. "I prefer an 8-inch or 6-inch, depending on the activity, and even wear them for daily lounging and activities."

Price at time of publish: $64

Material: Nylon, lycra, elastane, polyester | Size Range: 0–20 | Colors: Various | Fit: Runs small

Best Printed

Beach Riot Bike Shorts

Beach Riot Bike Shorts

Courtesy of Beach Riot

Partial to prints? You can't go wrong with a pair of Beach Riot Bike Shorts. The polyester-spandex fabric offers light compression and comes in a handful of pretty patterns, like daisies, clouds, and leopard.

Price at time of publish: $84

Material: Polyester, spandex | Size Range: XS-XL | Colors: Various prints | Fit: True to size

Best for Comfort

Beyond Yoga High Waist Biker Shorts

Beyond Yoga High-Waist Biker Shorts

Courtesy of Amazon

Whether you're running errands, beginning your yoga practice, powering through a strength-training circuit, or hanging out at home, Beyond Yoga Biker Shorts will keep you feeling comfy and looking cool. With an extra-high waistband and a generous inseam, they're flattering on all body types, supportive in all the right places, and never constricting.

Price at time of publish: $70

Material: Polyester, spandex | Size Range: XXS–XXL | Colors: Orange, pink, blush, beige, silver, green, black | Fit: True to size

Best Period-Proof

Thinx Cycle Shorts

Thinx Cycle Shorts


You'll be glad to have a pair of Thinx Cycle Shorts on hand when Aunt Flo is in town. Like the brand's beloved period underwear, these bike shorts boast an absorbent, leak-free lining. Plus, they help wick away sweat and keep odors at bay.

Price at time of publish: $38

Material: Polyester, elastane, cotton, breathable PUL | Size Range: XS–4XL | Colors: Black, gray | Fit: Runs large

Final Verdict

For an all-around excellent pair that's suitable for outdoor biking, indoor cycling, circuit training, and everyday wear, Aerie OFFLINE Real Me Crossover 7" Bike Shorts are your best bet. They're breathable and quick-drying with a smoothing v-shaped waistband. However, if you want a basic pair of bike shorts, you also can't go wrong with TheMogan's Mid Thigh Kite Cotton Bike Short Leggings. They also come in many colors other than standard neutrals.

Meet the Expert

What to Look For in Bike Shorts


When it comes to bike shorts, the material is one of the most important considerations. You'll want something breathable, moisture-wicking, and stretchy with a thick enough weave to offer gentle compression. Synthetic fabrics are usually best, such as polyester, spandex, Lycra, nylon, and elastane, though cotton blends offer a little more breathability. Nike Women's Sportswear Essential Bike Shorts are made with a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex, so they're stretchy yet breathable.


When browsing bike shorts, you'll see they come in varying lengths. While this is mostly a matter of preference, longer inseams are typically better for cyclists. "I do prefer a longer bike short style," says Mehr. "It seems the longer they are, the less likely they are to ride up on your thigh." Most styles hit at mid-thigh or closer to the knee, but Under Armour Women's HeatGear Armour Mid-Rise Middy Shorts are a shorter option.


Bike shorts often have a chamois (pronounced sha-mē). It's sewn into the groin area for added cushioning and is usually made of lightweight foam. Danielson explains that this extra cushioning can help prevent chafing and saddle sores on longer rides. The Castelli Prima Short has a chamois and is an excellent choice if you're going to be cycling in your bike shorts.

  • What are the benefits of wearing bike shorts?

    According to Danielson, form-fitting bike shorts protect your body while cycling, helping to prevent numbness, chafing, and general discomfort on the saddle. "They are also made from moisture-wicking fabric that will keep that area dry, which is crucial for us women," she adds.

    Additionally, the compressive nature of cycling shorts can increase the flow of oxygen to your thighs and glutes. "They can help your muscles function better, increase your athletic performance and reduce muscle fatigue," Falzarano explains.

  • Should you wear underwear with bike shorts?

    Cycling shorts are traditionally meant to be worn without underwear because the material is designed to control friction and reduce moisture when right up against your skin. However, if you're wearing bike shorts as athleisure wear, you might opt to put something on underneath. All that said, you should do whatever's most comfortable.

  • How tight should bike shorts be?

    Depending on your level of movement and type of workout you'll be doing, you'll probably want the light to moderate compression that most bike shorts provide. Since most are made with spandex or elastane, they typically have a great deal of stretch to them and won't feel too constricting. But be sure to check the sizing and size up if the brand runs small, as you don't want your shorts to be so tight they cause discomfort. They should feel snug without digging into your skin or leaving marks.

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