This Video Just Debunked a Popular Beautyblender Hack

Anyone who wears makeup knows the importance of a Beautyblender. The teardrop-shaped sponge may look ordinary to some, but it's foundation-blending abilities are bar none. Everyone from makeup pros to newbies have sung its praises, and with countless of Beautyblender hacks out there, it's safe to say that this little sponge is quite the hit when it comes to beauty products.

However, we've all come to the point where our beloved Beautyblender is no longer the color it was once after so much daily use. But is there a right way to clean it? The Beautyblender folks sell a liquid and solid soap, but many opt for baby shampoo since it's gentle and said to cleanse just as well. It's a well-known option, but a new Buzzfeed video is disproving the popular hack. That's right. Buzzfeed tested out six sponge-cleaning methods, ranging from the name-brand stuff to well-known hacks, and the results are game changing. 

See the video for yourself below to see which Beautyblender cleansing methods reigned supreme and which ones flopped.

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