6 Beauty and Wellness Podcasts to Make Your Commute Less Painful

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Making your way through rush hour traffic can be a real bummer, (especially if you live in L.A.) and now that releases of Serial episodes have become sporadic to virtually non-existent, I've had to search for other methods of entertainment to help make my commute less stressful.

You see, I used to look forward to Serial episodes dropping every Thursday. It was the one day of the week when L.A. traffic didn't feel quite as painful on my way to and from work. The one day when fellow commuters weren't subjected to the sight of my very lively car karaoke sessions.

Amidst my struggle, I've more recently found a silver lining in trying out some great beauty and wellness podcasts that offer hints, tips, and everyday wisdom that I now just can't go without. Who knew there were so many amazing alternatives?

Check out some of the health and beauty podcasts we recommend.

The YouTube Power Hour Podcast

New episodes on a frequent but irregular basis.

Curious about what really happens behind the scenes of YouTube beauty vlogging? Erika Vieira gives a peek, asking successful users how they made it big for themselves by connecting with viewers across the globe.


New episodes every Tuesday.

Looking to inspire her listeners to be the healthiest and happiest possible versions of themselves, life coach and author Katie Dalebout leads a relatable but thought-provoking discussion with a different expert every week, covering everything from yoga to body positivity to natural skincare. Past guests include Gabby Bernstein and Tata Harper.

The Beauty Brains

New episodes every Monday.

Dynamic duo Randy and Perry don’t exactly sound like your typical beauty experts, but as professional scientists, they’ve made it their mission to address all your burning questions with cold, hard facts. Topics range from “Should you buy organic botox from Kim Kardashian?” to “How do you moisturize curly hair?” These dudes tell it straight—and they’re funny, too.

The Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous

New episodes every Tuesday.

In this wildly popular podcast, dietitian Monica Reinegal offers brilliant hacks for eating better, addressing questions like “Does eating meat make PMS worse?” and “How do you find coffee that won’t bother your stomach?” The capper: Each answer is 10 minutes or less.

The One You Feed

New episodes every Tuesday.

Don't forget that mental balance is a vital part of beauty and wellness! Queue up this series when you’re en route to a big presentation or meeting—with insight from successful entrepreneurs, neurologists, mindfulness experts, and more on how they stay motivated and positive, it’s basically the ultimate pep talk.

TEDTalks Health

New episodes monthly.

To those who’ve found themselves binge-watching TED Talks by the dozen, note that it's just as addictive—and inspiring—to listen to them. Learn about everything from de-stressing techniques to the toxic effect body negativity has on your mind and body. 

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