Game-Changing Beauty Devices Under $20

When I impulsively decided to purchase a $12 derma roller on Amazon last year, I had no idea that I was getting an incredible bargain on better skin, plumper lips, and an all-around perkier complexion. You don't have to be an industry insider to know that typically, getting such substantial results requires either a hefty investment, a visit to the doctor, or both—so when my fine lines disappeared along with my previously im-poss-ible under-eye bags, all thanks to this dinky little tool, I knew I had some reassessing to do. (My bank account concurred.)

Let's be clear: There are some truly inimitable products and treatments that are absolutely worth the money. But my amazing experience with my derma roller has served as a reminder that there are also some really fabulous cost-efficient ways to transform your beauty regimen—and get the results you've been craving, no extensive budgeting or professional intervention required.

Keep reading to see the $20-and-under tools we swear by.

Any affordable favorites of your own? Chime in below!