Breaking Beauty: The Coolest New Beauty Tech Gadgets at CES

Updated 02/12/18

The marriage of beauty and tech innovation is a special one—how else would we check the effectiveness of our moisturizers, see how deeply we're sleeping next to our partners, or receive personalized skincare regimen recommendations from our phones? These products push the boundaries of convenience, accessibility, and what we're capable of pulling off in the comfort of our own bathrooms. This year at CES (aka the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, an entirely new slew of beauty-centric products were presented, and each one was more mind-blowing than the last.

Below, find five of our favorite innovations you'll want to get your hands on come launch day.

1. L'Oréal's UV Sense

L'Oréal's UV Sense (launching summer 2018) is a battery-free wearable electronic UV sensor that helps provide you with helpful information about your UV exposure level. It's less than two millimeters thick and nine millimeters in diameter (yeah, it's tiny), and it's designed to be worn for up to two weeks on your thumbnail. The sticker is accompanied by an app on your phone and activated by the sun's UBA and UVB rays—there's no battery.

Together, the app platform and device allow you to track when and where you should be more mindful of sun exposure, offering up helpful hints and tips along the way. "Design and technology are inextricably linked, and as products become more personalized to individuals, both elements are integral to providing people with seamless experiences," said Yves Béhar, designer entrepreneur and founder of Fuseproject. "By working with L'Oréal, we're able to pair deep expertise in beauty tech with an effective design that enhances consumers' well-being without distracting from their everyday lives."

2. Foreo's UFO

Foreo's UFO—a smart-mask treatment to offer spa-level facial treatments in just 90 seconds—is set to launch in April. It combines LED light therapy with cryotherapy, thermotherapy, and T-sonic pulsations activated via your smartphone. It's meant to tackle issues like limited penetration, poor facial coverage, and the time spent using each mask.

So what does that mean? The little device utilizes heat to open pores, pulsations to infuse active ingredients more deeply into your skin, and cryotherapy to seal and firm. It also includes a range of light therapies to offer three photofacials: anti-aging (red), brightening (green), and anti-breakout (blue).

"Face masks are the guilty pleasure of millions, but is lying under cold, wet sheets of paper the best we can do in 2018?" asks Paul Peros, Foreo's CEO. "We're taking the latest professional beauty technologies available—treatments that can cost thousands of dollars—and incorporating them into one UFO device."

3. Philips's Skincare Assesment Kit

Philips recently launched a Skincare Assessment Kit ($30) that creates a personalized skin report for each user. The device is accompanied by an app for the guided assessment—a combination of daily questions and skin measurements created by experts and dermatologists. All you have to do is follow the instructions each morning and evening for five days for a complete picture of your skin. Then those same experts will review your skincare routine and give you recommendations on how to purchase products to better fit your skin.

HiMirror Plus +

4. The HiMirror Plus +

This one is pretty legendary, IMHO. The HiMirror Plus + ($299) is a seemingly average-looking makeup mirror, but it can do so much. You can snap a picture in the mirror and choose from eight categories to learn about the condition of your skin (and get personalized skincare tips). Over time, you can even use it to customize your own skincare routine, see how it correlates to your overall skin condition in the device's historical tracking chart, and target different areas on your face you'd like to improve.

For example, you can work with the device to reduce pigmentation, acne scars, or an oily T-zone, and even link up your Alexa to shop for you.

5. Neutrogena's 360 App and SkinScanner Duo

Each time you scan your face, Neutrogena's Skin360 app and SkinScanner duo (launching later this year) analyzes your moisture level, pores, and lines to provide you with a skin score. That score changes as your skin does, and you can track progress and improvement over time. It's really an incredible step in the right direction in terms of figuring out whether or not your products are actually working.

The future of skincare is looking pretty bright, no?

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