Byrdie Editors Sound Off on the Best Beauty Products That Changed Their Lives

Internet hyperbole—in which we frequently use over-the-top language to express a positive reaction online—is rampant. (Associate Features Editor Amanda Montell hilariously explains the phenomenon further on The Dirty Word.) Everywhere you scroll and click, there’s a different transformative product, must-see video, or someone literally dying. With that in mind, you might have assumed that this link fell somewhere along those lines—just another dramatic testament to garner attention. But, seriously, it’s not.

As beauty editors, we see so many products come across our desks. Most of them we try, many of them we take home, and a few we incorporate into our daily arsenals. But very, very few change our lives. There are moisturizers that I’ve loved and lost and quickly moved on from. There are hair products I wouldn’t repurchase. But for each of us, there are select offerings that reinvigorated our love for makeup or transformed the way we saw our hair. There are products that can take you from tired, sallow skin to bright and radiant in mere minutes (so imagine what they can do in six to eight weeks). That’s right, dear readers, this list encompasses only the crème de la crème. It’s a testament to how important feeling good about ourselves alters each and every day—and how paramount beauty products are, at least partially, to those feelings. But most of all, it’s a celebration of the formulas that live up to (and possibly surpass) their claims.

So, keep scrolling to find our BFFs in the form of makeup, hair, and skincare products.

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