All the Things We Bought Because Byrdie Editors Told Us To, Love Who What Wear



Hey, Byrdie fam! It's Who What Wear market editor Nicole here playing beauty editor for the day. If you didn't already know, our two sites (along with MyDomaine and College Fashionista) are sister brands, which means we all share a parent company, Clique Brands.

Aside from the above, our editors also all share offices in both NYC and L.A. and get to sit close to each other (and I mean very close). In fact, I can hear Byrdie editor Hallie Gould typing her version of this story as we speak, which actually brings me to the reason I'm here. Seeing as we already get all our recs from each other for both beauty and fashion, respectively, we recently had the (admittedly genius) idea to do the first-ever Who What Wear and Byrdie story swap, where our editors share their favorite purchases they made because of one another. Here on Byrdie, our team of fashion editors and I will be dishing out all our favorite products that we got from either simply reading Byrdie or getting in-person advice from their team, and vice versa on Who What Wear. To read about and shop all our picks, simply continue on below!