"It Changed My Life": Real Women Share Their Favorite Products of 2016

We've discovered more incredible products than ever this year and have stumbled upon them in a variety of ways: There are those that land on our desks courtesy of some of our favorite brands, of course, or a beauty pro might clue us in to a little-known gem. But by far, our favorite way to hear about new products is through our incredibly savvy readers who have an uncanny ability to locate the best of the best—and at all price ranges to boot. Most importantly, you're always honest.

So when a discussion broke out recently in our secret Facebook group, The Beauty Line, regarding the year's best products, we naturally snapped to attention. And in the interest of keeping the conversation going (and continuing to fill our already-overflowing vanity drawers), we thought we'd share our favorite answers here. Below, real women share their favorite products of 2016. Be sure to chime in too!