Latina Ladies, Listen Up! 30 Products You NEED in Your Life

We Latinas are proud of our thick, full hair (though it's simultaneously the bane of our existence), cherish our tan complexions, and go big or go home when it comes to color, lips, and lashes. 

As a Cuban-American beauty aficionado who's been wearing makeup and heat styling since age 13, studying smoothing products since middle school, and working on my cat-eye like it's my job (well, I guess it kind of is), I have a wealth of information on the absolute best beauty products for Hispanic girls.

I put together this super-handy master list of the 30 products every Latina girl needs in her life, from the thickest, volumizing mascara to creams that will cut your blow-dry time in half. Keep reading for your handbook to Hispanic beauty products and my personal take on what makes them so great!