It's Friday: 5 Beauty Products You Should Buy With Amazon Prime Right Now


Free People

If you're anything like us, you reserve Sundays for a little R&R. It's a time to unwind, slather on a face mask, (maybe) turn off your phone, and show your mind and your body some love. Designating a specific time for self-care rituals is a great way to end the weekend—and in turn, kick off the week ahead—on as much of a high as possible.

While these wellness practices might come in many forms—going on a hike or journaling, for example—it never hurts to have some products on hand to make the most of your at-home spa day. And that's why on Friday afternoons, we're exceedingly thankful for the glorious convenience of Amazon Prime. Now that we're finally in the weekend mindset, we can order said products tonight and still expect them to arrive on our doorsteps by Sunday.

So in that TGIF spirit, keep scrolling to see the beauty products we're ordering now for #SelfCareSunday.