15 Beauty Products That Defined 2018

If we learned anything about beauty trends in 2018, it's that what products and looks are christened as cool evolve faster than ever before. Gone are the days when every American woman would hop on one collective beauty bandwagon, buying the same lip pencil or face cream as everyone else for a year straight. Thanks to social media, the diversification of brands and the hyper-crowded beauty marketplace, consumers' tastes are more varied and move quicker than at any other point in beauty history.

All that said, there are still a few products that cohesively defined America's overall beauty vibe in 2018. This year, we saw several distinct patterns, including the launch of CBD-infused beauty, natural formulas with minimal packaging, expanded cosmetic shade ranges, and a lot of understated glitter makeup (as understated as glitter can be).

The following 15 beauty products were the ones that we think best encapsulated 2018 as a beauty moment in time. Keep scrolling to see the eye shadows, face masks, mascaras, and more that made the list.