Beauty Infographics That Will Teach You How to Do Everything

Updated 09/23/16

Usually when we find ourselves in a Pinterest hole, we wind up adding dozens of home improvement projects and elaborate desserts (i.e., things we’ll never attempt) to our boards. Yes, that s’mores cake looks ridiculously delicious, but when it comes to applying our Pinterest life to our real life, we have more luck in the beauty section. As we all know, Pinterest is a wealth of beauty information—some good, some life changing, and some disastrous. And then there are the infographics. Search “beauty infographics” and you can learn how to do pretty much anything. Need proof?

Scroll through the 10 best beauty infographics on Pinterest!

The Right Hairstyles

Flattering Haircuts by Face Shape

Total Beauty

How to Get the Curl You Want

The Foolproof Eye Makeup Brush Guide


How to Apply Eye Makeup for Your Eye Shape

Effortless Skin

A Comprehensive Guide to All Things Acne

The Beauty Department

Perfume Notes, Explained

The Blondeshell

A Better Way to Blush

Beauty With Mary

30 Beauty Product Expiration Dates


Everything You Could Ever Imagine to Do With Coconut Oil

Modern Salon

The Holy Grail of Makeup Application

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