10 Cool Beauty Channels to Follow in 2016

Regardless of your personal beauty goals, there’s not exactly a shortage of videos out there to help you learn how to achieve every single one of them. Still, when you find someone who gets your aesthetic, has the right energy, and can explain how to achieve your dream look in a clear way, well, it’s game over. They can totally motivate you to get creative and stay positive, despite a little trial and error.

While there are plenty of big guns we all already follow and love, we spotted a few more to add to the rotation in 2016. From a model sharing secrets she’s learned along the way to an online destination that serves up all things hair, we’ve rounded up some gurus who can teach us a trick or two in the new year. Keep scrolling to find your new favorite!

What’s your favorite beauty channel to follow? Sound off below!

Opening Image: The Chriselle Factor