10 Cool Beauty Channels to Follow in 2016

Regardless of your personal beauty goals, there’s not exactly a shortage of videos out there to help you learn how to achieve every single one of them. Still, when you find someone who gets your aesthetic, has the right energy, and can explain how to achieve your dream look in a clear way, well, it’s game over. They can totally motivate you to get creative and stay positive, despite a little trial and error.

While there are plenty of big guns we all already follow and love, we spotted a few more to add to the rotation in 2016. From a model sharing secrets she’s learned along the way to an online destination that serves up all things hair, we’ve rounded up some gurus who can teach us a trick or two in the new year. Keep scrolling to find your new favorite!

Australian sweetheart Eleanor Pendleton is the brainchild behind Gritty Pretty. She gives advice, recommendations, and tutorials on everyday beauty questions. Nothing wild here, but it's definitely useful for those who like to look natural. 

Maryam Maquillage is a self-taught makeup artist, so she understands that visuals aren't necessarily enough to help learn a new technique. Each video has descriptive audio that helps you follow along without getting frustrated.

Mane Addicts has quickly become a beauty industry favorite for inspiration. Each video promises stunning, artistic visuals, and celebrity stylists (and their clients) often make an appearance.

As the name suggests, the site's editor, Ruth Crilly, has been a model for more than 10 years. Here, she provides viewers with tricks, tips, and even new products she's used in her career. She explains specifically what products she uses per tutorial and even why one may be better than another. 

Shameless plug for our own station, of course! Find all the great content you love at Byrdie in an endless stream of video how-tos. If you like Byrdie.com, you'll love our channel, too.

Self-obsessed beauty addict Alix shoots her makeup, skin, and wellness videos set to instrumental music instead of words. Spy the products she personally uses and recommends on her blog along the way.

Beauty/fashion blogger Chriselle Lim is practically a household name at this point. We've been following her looks for years. But her beauty videos are even better. They use a dash of humor to get her educational messages across. You'll laugh and learn something.

Twenty-something Brit Amelia Liana shoots docu-style footage of her beauty experimentation. As the former beauty vlogger at Cosmopolitan , she knows her stuff and loves to try bold new trends. You'll feel like you've gone to the salon with your BFF. 

Sona Gasparian is one of our favorite beauty vloggers of the moment. First up, she's stunning, and you instantly want to learn her makeup tricks. Second, she takes you along on her journey and is upfront and specific about what products she uses and why. Gasparian is very informative, and her personal taste is classic.

Nikki is a California-based vlogger, makeup artist, and hairdresser. Her videos cover everything from makeup, skin, hairstyling, and product reviews and are shot in quick shorts that are meant to teach but not take up your whole day. 

What’s your favorite beauty channel to follow? Sound off below!

Opening Image: The Chriselle Factor