Hands Down, These Are the Best Beauty Books of All Time

Updated 02/16/18
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Best Beauty Books
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In the age of iPhones, Netflix, YouTube, and basically the internet, it's easy to forget how good it feels to turn the pages of a physical book (or loose yourself in a great eBook, if you refuse to completely disconnect). The Girl on the Train or the latest installment from Liane Moriarty are all well and good, but there's nothing that piques our interest quite like a good beauty book. Whether it's a memoir from a veteran beauty editor, or a science delve into skincare ingredients, we're all for it. 

Assuming you're as into beauty as we are (and we're guessing yes for obvious reasons), you probably share a similar feeling. Not all beauty books are created equal, so we've collated a list of the ones we know to be amazing (both in our opinion and the opinions of others). All that's left to do is find the time in your busy schedule to work your way through the below. 

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Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes
Sali Hughes Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes $26

You can easily knock this over in a weekend. It's the perfect balance of humor and information, with a healthy dose of realness for good measure. Hughes (who's a well-rounded beauty editor from the UK) calls BS on a lot of beauty gimmicks, and supplements in her own recommendations. Overall, we 100 percent trust her. 

The Best Skin of Your Like Starts Here by Paula Begoun
Paula Begoun The Best Skin of Your Like Starts Here by Paula Begoun $17

Paula Begoun is the mastermind behind Paula's Choice for anyone who isn't in the know. Made for skincare fanatics, this book literally explains every common skincare ingredient (including if and what they're good for) and breaks down who should use what, when. It's more science than witty prose, but the information is spot-on (and backed by years of research). 

How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell
Cat Marnell How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell $12

There's not much we can say about this one other than you should read it. Basically, Cat Marnell was a big U.S. beauty editor with a full-blown addiction to basically every illicit substance. It has every quality of a true page-turner—juicy, candid, and totally uncensored. Non-beauty friends will enjoy it, too. 

Amazinger Face by Zoë Foster Blake
Zoë Foster Blake Amazinger Face by Zoë Foster Blake $34

Aussie beauty darling Zoë Foster Blake knows it all. This book is like an encyclopedia of amazing product recommendations and easy beauty looks. Plus, her writing is laugh-out-loud hilarious. 

Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown $13

Bobbi Brown is a famous makeup artist (you'd be familiar with her eponymous line), known for her natural beauty ethos. This book details a range of skills from color choice, application, tools, and complete looks. One for the coffee (or dressing) table. 

Secrets of a Beauty Queen by Stephanie Darling
Stephanie Darling Secrets of a Beauty Queen by Stephanie Darling $27

Stephanie Darling is an Australian beauty editor who's been working the circuit for longer than most. Her memoir is a beautiful mix of expert knowledge mixed with clippings of her amazing life within the beauty media circle. The detail is incredible, and it's a safe bet that anyone who reads this will long for a day spent in Darlings' shoes (YSL pumps, no less).

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